Museum opens three contemporary exhibits next week |

Museum opens three contemporary exhibits next week

Submitted by the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art,

The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA), 20 S. West Temple in Salt Lake City, is excited to present three new solo exhibitions by Tyrone Davies. Ben Gaulon and Jean Richardson, as well as celebrate the museum’s annual membership appreciation party.

The party will be held opening night on Friday, Nov. 13, at 7 p.m. and visitors will have the chance to meet and chat with artists Tyrone Davies and Jean Richardson.

  • Davies’ installation, "In Camera" will be on exhibit in the local artist-only Projects Gallery. "In Camera" presents viewers with an array of televised and projected video mashups.

    Hollywood films are interjected with the writings of Samuel Beckett, Eastern meditative practices and sports broadcasts.

    In the struggle to maintain balance in the face of such countless explanations about human existence, Davies reveals the ways by which our screens, just as powerfully as our beliefs, can dictate our worldviews.

  • In the Codec Gallery, UMOCA presents "Corrupt.Yourself" by Ben Gaulon, a Paris-based artist and the program director for art, media, and technology at Parsons Paris.

    Since the early 2000s, Gaulon’s career has revealed the limits and failures of modern technology, and his exhibition spans a crowd sourced video that aestheticizes the glitch; a series of defunct Kindles, signed by the artist; and an eclectic, fully operating sculpture of found e-waste materials.

    While his work is both subversive to and celebratory of our world in the digital age, Gaulon, as artist and educator, aims to sustain a dialogue about the significance of today’s technology.

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  • Finally, UMOCA is pleased to present the latest artist-in-residence exhibition in the A-I-R Space, "Every Now and Then I Fall Apart " by Jean Richardson.

    Here, Richardson examines the inherent meaning behind common objects through a sculpture of life vests, a video of herself using the sculpture to float in the Great Salt Lake, and the surprisingly poetic instructions that accompany the objects.

    "There is a potential for buoyancy loss depending on how this device is used and cared for," Richardson has said.

    Also during this evening on Nov. 13, UMOCA will host its annual appreciation party to show its immense gratitude for the museum’s community of dedicated supporters.

    The member-exclusive event will feature beer and wine, refreshments, a chance to peruse UMOCA’s new exhibitions, and an exciting chance to mingle with advocates for contemporary art and local culture.

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