And Nothing Happened – Director & Screenwriter: Naima Ramos-Chapman

(USA) World Premiere

A young woman juggles between the mundane and the extraordinary in an attempt to leave her NYC apartment.

Cast: Naima Ramos-Chapman, Jamilya Ramos-Chapman, Angela Silverio, Carl Rube

The Beast – Director & Screenwriter: Daina Oniunas Pusic


A hundred year old woman and her 75-year old daughter have a tense but familiar relationship. A bat flies in to their home and the equilibrium will be forever changed.

Cast: Marija Kohn, Doris aric Kukuljica

Black Swell – Director: Jake Honig; Screenwriter: David Rysdahl

(USA) World Premiere

A man tries to kill himself in a motel room.

Cast: Richard Kind, David Rysdahl

Darkest Moon – Director: Kasper Skovsbøl; Screenwriters: Amalie Næsby, Kasper Skovsbøl

(Denmark) World Premiere

Anna must decide whether she wants to protect her daughter, and risk of being ostracized, or believe in the accusations of her being a witch and sentence her own child to death.

Cast: Karen-Lise Mynster, May Simón Lifschitz, Anders Hove, Peter Plaugborg,

De Smet – Directors & Screenwriters: Thomas Baerten, Wim Geudens


The brothers ‘De Smet’ have created a system to live their lives as singles in the most comfortable way possible.

Cast: Tom Audenaert, Sven De Ridder, Stefaan Degand, Jessica Zeylmaker

Deep Gold – Director & Screenwriter: Julian Rosefeldt

(Germany) North American Premiere

An exuberant and voluptuous homage to Luis Buñuel’s surrealist (and back then scandalous) masterpiece The Golden Age, relocated to the roaring Berlin 20’s.

Cast: Franz Hartwig, Janaina Pessoa, Suse Wächter, Ronni Maciel

Discontinuity – Director & Screenwriter: Lori Felker

(USA) World Premiere

A short film about losing things in the edits of life.

Cast: Ben Johnson, Sam Howard, Henry Comerford

Family Trip – Director & Screenwriter: Oscar Oldershaw


A purgatory on Wheels!

Cast: Ian Gain, Vita Oldershaw

GANG – Director & Screenwriter: Clayton Vomero


Three young people in Staten Island, New York, search for meaning and identity over the length of a single day.

Cast: Mela Murder, Infinite Coles, Denasia Moore

Goodnight Birdy – Director: Zara Zerny; Screenwriters: Morten Pape, Zara Zerny

(Denmark) North American Premiere

When Greta’s husband dies, she is convinced she will die from sorrow. But the heart has its ways of surviving.

Cast: Elsebeth Steentoft

Lewis – Director & Screenwriter: Fantavious Fritz

(Canada) US Premiere

A missing cat witnesses the intersections of human life in a neighbourhood and meets an elderly widow living in solitude.

Cast: Aldona Zalnieriunas, Jean Luc Piccard (the cat), Kyle Andrews

NASTY – Director: Prano Bailey-Bond; Screenwriter: Anthony Fletcher


A boy uncovers the nasty truth about his family after finding a VHS tape.

Cast: Albie Marber, Madeleine Hutchins, James Cutler, Kimberley Adams

The Panty Symphonic – Director: Zach Strum; Screenwriters: Zach Strum, Micah Vassau

(USA) World Premiere

When Arnold dies before finishing his will, a rat race ensues for his most prized possession–a pair of panties.

Cast: Steven Jones, Sydney Shepherd

Red Folder – Director & Screenwriter: Ben Kallam

(USA) World Premiere

Fourteen-year-old Joseph sets out to find his teacher’s elusive red folder, only to discover the unsettling implications of his task.

Cast: Gregory Barnes, Pepper Binkley, Phil Bernadin, Chris Jarell

Savasana – Director & Screenwriter: Brandon Daley

(USA) World Premiere

A man in the midst of a midlife crisis attempts to sooth his existential concerns by practicing the age old art of yoga.

Cast: Paul Gordon, Amy Johnson, Sarah Sherman, Bernie Rybarczyk

The Sea Within – Director: Wong Wai Nap; Screenwriters: Wong Wai Nap, Ho Tze Ki

(Hong Kong) US Premiere

A poetic and quiet look into the lives and relationship of a Fishermen couple.

Cast: Wong Kam Shing, Ng Mei Wah

Shitty Drum! – Director & Screenwriter: Pascal Plante

(Canada) US Premiere

An aging punk rock band has an existential crisis.

Cast: Jason Roy-Léveillée, Jérôme Bédard, Joseph Martin

SKANK – Director & Screenwriter: Sophie Francesca

(New Zealand, UK) US Premiere

In a cheap living room in small-town New Zealand a children’s birthday party is in full swing. While the kids are caught up in the ecstasy of the party, young mum Hayley is entangled in more ‘adult’ affairs.

Cast: William Alexander, Bella Baughan, Vincent Andrew-Scammell, Sophie Francesca

Tampoon – Director: Jeanne Jo; Screenwriters: Jeanne Jo, Nick Musurca


When Miranda makes bad decisions about her love life, a possessed TAMPON enters to take care of business.

Cast: Alexandra August, JJ Dunlap

Tisure – Director: Adrian Geyer; Screenwriter: Proyecto JFS

(Venezuela) North American Premiere

In the lonely mountains of Venezuela, a couple’s problems are both diminished and brought to the surface by the vastness of their surroundings.

Cast: Alcione Guerrero, Daniel Isaac

Under the Sun – Director & Screenwriter: QIU Yang

(China, Australia)

An incident occurs, two families become entangled. There’s nothing new under the sun.

Cast: ZHU Ping, SUN Zhongwei, BAI Lihong, GONG Weiming

Video – Director & Screenwriter: Randy Yang


A woman’s racist remark is captured on video by two teenage black girls.

Cast: Mars Williams, Reilly Brooke Stith, Alyson Schacherer, Ron Scott

Winter Hymns – Director & Screenwriter: Dusty Mancinelli

(Canada) US Premiere

Ten-year-old Joshua’s dull afternoon is shattered when his volatile older brother shepherds him through the countryside in search of adventure.

Cast: Sam Ashe Arnold, Kyle Peacock

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