Nester Gallery secures temporary pop-up location |

Nester Gallery secures temporary pop-up location

Scott Iwasaki

Earlier this month, the Julie Nester Gallery, located at 1280 Iron Horse Dr., opened up an extended pop-up gallery located at 511 Main St., to give their artists more exposure.

"It’s a small, but great, little space for us," said Doug Nester. "Over time, we’ll show a smaller selection of our artists up there. We anticipate that these works will be primarily paintings and photography.

"It’s basically a short-term opportunity we came across and we thought it was good to basically put an outpost up there," he said. "Iron Horse will continue to be our primary space, but we have seen the value of having a secondary space up on Main."

On Friday, July 31, the Main Street space will show a selection of oil painter Chris Gwaltney’s exhibit "Rallentando," but the opening reception will be held at the Iron Horse gallery. (See accompanying story)

"The majority of Chris’ work will be up at the Iron Horse gallery, but we’ll have one or two pieces from the show on Main Street," Nester said.

Nester is excited for the opportunity to have a presence in Old Town.

"We had another temporary space up there for a few months last year, but it was higher up on the street," he said. "We’re going to be in the new space definitely through next winter."

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