New book empowers job seekers |

New book empowers job seekers

Bill Humbert’s “Employee 5.0” is a guide to help empower workers as they look for new jobs.
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Park City’s Bill Humbert, known as the Recruiter Guy thanks to his website, challenged himself to write his new book, “Employee 5.0: Secrets of a Successful Job Search in the New World Order.”

“I actually started thinking about the book a year ago, and my speaking coach Kathy Loveless [founder of Loveless Enterprises] told me to create a challenging goal that I could attain,” Humbert said. “Then she said, I had to do it in 30 days.”

The next time they met, Humbert told Loveless that he was going to write a book in 27 days.

“I did it in 24,” Humbert said with a chuckle. “And by the time we had our next meeting, I had already sent the book to three different publishers.”

The trouble is that many people feel trapped in their jobs, but my book shows them that they aren’t.”Bill Humbert,Recruiter Guy

One of the reasons Humbert was able to write the book so quickly was because he already had a 12-point outline he wanted to address.

“I compare the job search process to the sales process,” he said. “And if you look at these two processes, they are mirror images of each other.”

Some of the points in the book include Promote Your Career, LinkedIn Literacy, Sourcing Jobs Successfully, Effective Networking, Impressive Interviewing and Powerful Negotiation, among others.

The goal for the book is to turn people into “Employee 5.0s,” Humbert said.

Employee 5.0 is a person who has decided to take control of their career, not become dependent upon the largesse of the company to determine their growth and promotions, he said.

“An Employee 5.0 is a person who decided enough is enough,” he said. “They are ready to take charge of their career, and they want to make positive measurable impacts while having fun doing it. They want to choose their own paths and determine how much they are worth on the free-agent market.”

Humbert, who has worked in the employee recruiting business since 1981, has a unique perspective on the career world.

“When you look around you see people who are treating their careers like jellyfish,” he said. “They just float along the currents of their company, and are loyal to their company.”

But, Humbert said, it’s rare that a company has loyalty to their employees.

“Employees are getting zero to two-percent raises,” he said “There are more frequent layoffs, even though the workers are doing the best they can with the tools they have.”

Humbert said the new book will help these workers take charge of their own careers.

“As a recruiter, I’m going to tell you that you will get bigger raises by moving, rather than staying where you are,” he said. “You get a new position because you applied, and at some point you will see another position outside the company.”

That’s the one that will get workers a bigger raise as long as they’ve been performing at a high level in their former company, according to Humbert.

“It’s all about performance, and taking charge and then moving onto the next step,” he said. “Employee 5.0 will fare a lot better because their job search is always on simmer. Once they spot something with in their company or outside their company and the search blows up to full boil.”

Humbert said that paradigm shift is a wakeup call to employers.

“It means that companies need to play more attention to their performers,” he said. “It means they also need to take care of their performers and challenge their performers, because if performers aren’t challenged, they will move to somewhere else.”

Humbert found in his independent research that 44 to 60 percent of people are unhappy in their jobs.

“They just need to do something about that,” he said. “The trouble is that many people feel trapped in their jobs, but my book shows them that they aren’t. If they follow the 12 steps they won’t have to be one of the 44 to 60 percenters. They can be happy.”

The book was published by Lisa Hagan Books.

“I went with Lisa because we already had a connection,” Humbert said. “She was my literary agent for my first book [2012’s “RecruiterGuy’s Guide to Finding a Job”].”

Beth Wareham edited “Employee 5.0.”

“She was unbelievable,” Humbert praised. “She read the draft and told me to weave certain thoughts throughout the book.”

Humbert is already working on “Employee 5.0 Vol. 2,” which will target middle-aged workers.

“I’ve been coaching a lot of executives lately and many of them are 50 and 60 years old who have been laid off,” he said. “They feel so lost, and that’s who I’m writing the next book for.”

Bill Humbert’s “Employee 5.0: Secrets of a Successful Job Search in the New World Order” is available at Dolly’s Bookstore and on in Kindle and softcover. For information, visit

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