New Mercer Auto Spa offers pampering for Parkites’ cars |

New Mercer Auto Spa offers pampering for Parkites’ cars

Interior and exterior services available

Steven Shattuck applies a paint-protection film to the front bumper of a Land Rover Discovery at the Mercer Auto Spa. The spa, owned by Richard Mercer, opened in November and offers an array of car-care options.
Tanzi Propst/Park Record

Although Parkites spend a lot of time and effort taking care of their bodies and minds at gyms and spas, they sometimes forget about taking care of their cars.

Mercer Auto Spa wants to change that.

The new detail shop, owned by Richard Mercer, owner of Mercer’s Automotive, opened near Quinn’s Junction last November, and offers an array of services that keep automobiles looking their best, said general manager Steven Shattuck.

“The original plan was to offer detailing and cleaning up cars, but as time went on, we began to offer more than that,” Shattuck said. “We now also offer window tinting and paint protection films, and we also do ceramic coating and paint restoration and correction.”

The idea for the auto spa has been in Mercer’s mind for a few years, according to Shattuck.

“We noticed that Park City has a few car washes and other options to keep cars clean, but there was really no opportunity to provide the six-month or once-a-year deep cleaning the cars deserve,” he said. “So, we thought this was an opportunity to offer those services, and everything fell together a few months ago.”

Mercer’s detail services are different from other detail shops, Shattuck said.

“Often people come in and drop the car off and expect it to be done in an hour or two, but we spend four to five hours on one vehicle,” he said. “We do that because we want to be extremely thorough.”

For the interior detail service, Shattuck and his crew use steam cleaners.

“They are like pressure washers for the inside of the car,” he said. “We are able to blast out those hard-to-get places where the French fries and other things fall into the seat cracks.”

In addition, the steam’s temperature is 345 degrees.

“So, not only does it clean things out, it sanitizes the areas at the same time,” Shattuck said. “That way we don’t have to use a ton of harsh chemicals to do that.”

Crews also shampoo the carpet and deep clean the seats, whether they are leather or fabric.

“We also find that steering wheels are often the dirtiest parts of a vehicle,” Shattuck said. “The amount of bacteria that can collect on a steering wheel will surprise people, so we sanitize the steering wheel, which is important because of COVID-19, flu and other viruses.”

Interior detailing is only half of what the car spa offers.

“We actually spend even more time on the outside of the car than we do on the inside,” Shattuck said.

Patrick Beus, Mercer Auto Spa service manager, uses a pressure washer with a foam cannon to deep clean the exterior of a car.
Tanzi Propst/Park Record

Exterior detailing includes options for paint correction, ceramic coatings and applications of paint-protection films.

Paint correction is another way to say buffing the car, Shattuck said,

“We spend several hours taking out little scratches, swirls and some of the spider-webbing on the paint you might see in the sunlight,” he said. “We remove those and make the paint shine like a brand new paint job.”

Ceramic coating is like waxing, but is a liquid polymer that bonds with the car’s paint, Shattuck said.

“It fills in the pores of the paint, hardens it and makes it look glossy so nothing will stick to it,” he said. “That way, especially in the winter, when your car gets dirty with all the salt and dirt on the roads, you won’t have to spend forever cleaning it. You can just hose it down.”

Shattuck and his crew look forward to helping more local residents protect and keep their cars clean.

“We enjoy taking something that hasn’t seen a lot of love in a couple of years and bringing it back to how good it can look,” he said. “Even though it takes so long for us to do, people are really surprised that their cars can look this good.”

Mercer Auto Spa

Where: 4212 N. Forestdale Drive #700

Hours: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

Phone: 435-776-6588



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