Newcomers club coffee will feature a nonprofit fair |

Newcomers club coffee will feature a nonprofit fair

Scott Iwasaki

Newcomers of Greater Park City is a club for anyone who lives in the area, and it’s not just restricted to new residents, according to Anna Lea Kantor, the club’s co-president.

"We have members who have lived here for years," Kantor said during an interview with The Park Record. "It’s a club that offers activities and other information for locals."

Newcomers hosts a free monthly coffee the third Wednesday of every month at the Park City Community Church and organizes an array of activities for its members.

The next meeting, which is open to the public, will be on Oct. 14.

"We serve a little continental breakfast, starting at 10 a.m., and then we go downstairs and have a short meeting," she said. "We ask people who are new to the area to stand up and introduce themselves, so it is our way for us to get to know them.

"The Park City Community Church is a wonderful spot for us," Kantor said. "It’s easy to get to and it has such a great open space that is conducive to what we do."

The meeting is also a way to recruit new members.

"We encourage the public to come to the coffee to check us out to see if they would be interested in being involved with us," Kantor said. "If so, our membership chair is there, ready to sign them up. They can join on the spot or join later. Our membership fee is $35 per household for an entire year or $40 if they want a hard copy of our newsletter."

Usually the meeting ends with a single speaker from a local nonprofit organization, but the upcoming meeting will feature something called a nonprofit fair, said Kappie Bliss, co-second vice president of the Newcomers of Greater Park City

"We have invited 21 nonprofits to participate in the fair," Bliss explained.

Nonprofits participating in the Newcomers of Greater Park City’s nonprofit fair


Canines With A Cause, Guide Dogs For the Blind

Arts & Culture

Park City Film Series, Kimball Art Center

Children & Families

Adopt-A-Native Elder, Big Brother and Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity, Sharing Places, Summit County Children’s Justice Center

Conservation & Environment

Recycle Utah, Swaner EcoCenter


Holy Cross Ministries, Park City Museum

Health & Human Services

Christian Center, Jewish Family Services, People’s Health Clinic

Sports & Recreation

One Revolution, Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation

Other Service Providers

Hope Alliance, Park City Communityy Foundation, Transition Chalet in Heber

"The nonprofit fair is in synergy with part of our mission, which is to share information with our members, to help them integrate and become a meaningful part of the community," Bliss explained. "This is the perfect opportunity to learn about a variety of nonprofits. And our members have so many varied interests that we need to give them an opportunity to know about all the different things that go on in Park City."

Kantor agreed.

"I think a lot of people who have moved into the area over the past year are looking for something that they can become involved in on a volunteer basis or something they can add their expertise to, perhaps on a board of directors," she said.

"Kappie [Bliss] and Kya Skrypek, our other vice president, have done a wonderful job at recruiting a variety of nonprofits that work with arts, animals, outdoor recreation and other subjects that will appeal to people’s diverse interests."

Bliss, said she and Skrypek worked for weeks to select the nonprofits for the fair.

"We looked at the nonprofit [representatives] who spoke in our meetings over the past couple of years, and tried to contact those who have not spoken to our group recently," Bliss said. "In addition, we looked at nonprofits that aren’t as well known, to give a good balance."

The Newcomers’ board of directors also wanted to host an event that would serve as a prelude to the Park City Community Foundation’s annual Live PC Give PC all-day fundraiser on Nov. 6 that will benefit all the area’s local nonprofits.

"This is exactly why we decided to host the nonprofit fair in October," Bliss said. "We though this would be a great opportunity for our members to hear from these nonprofits, because if they don’t know too much about what the various nonprofits do, you might not know which of them you would want to donate to."

"Because we are such a diverse community and there are so many opportunities for us to get involved, you can almost get overwhelmed when you move to Park City," Kantor added. "So, I think this type of event can really help people find other like-minded people and helps them get involved and broaden their outreach into the community. Many of our members are either fully or partly retired and are looking for ways to give something back in a meaningful fashion."

The Newcomers of Greater Park City will host its monthly coffee, which will feature a nonprofit fair at Park City Community Church, 4501 N. S.R. 224, on Wednesday, Oct. 14, from 10 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. The event is free and open to the public. For more information, visit