Nonprofits will benefit from Live PC Give PC |

Nonprofits will benefit from Live PC Give PC

Live PC Give PC is a day when the greater Park City community comes together to support local nonprofits.

This year, the day of giving will be Friday, Nov. 10, and the public will have from midnight to midnight to visit and give any amount of money to as many nonprofits they wish.

When the flood gates open to donors for the annual Live PC Give PC, three of the many local nonprofits – The Park City Summit County Arts Council, People’s Health Clinic and Recycle Utah –2 will be out and about making noise and drawing attention to themselves.

Park City Summit County Arts Council

Mission: To promote, support, and strengthen arts and culture and the larger creative sector in Summit County.

The Park City Summit County Arts Council was founded in 1986 and is one of the oldest arts and culture organizations in Park City.

In the past three decades, it has advocated and secured significant funding for arts and culture and has worked to build audiences for established and emerging artists and helped promote the area as a world class cultural tourist destination, said Executive Director Hadley Dynak.

“We’ll use all donations that we will receive to tell the story about arts and culture in our community, program events that showcase the work of local artist and arts organizations and offer new opportunities for creative engagement,” Dynak told The Park Record. “We’re an umbrella nonprofit that works to promote and strengthen arts and culture in Summit County and want to highlight the work of all the community arts organizations.” There are currently more than 15 of these entities that program cultural events, from music to theater to speakers and exhibits that focus on homegrown talent. The Park City Summit County Arts Council will use Live PC Give PC to raise funds and awareness of these nonprofits

“We have organized an opportunity between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. for all local arts and culture organizations to join us in front of Cole Sport, where we’ll hoot and holler with a little creative pizazz to remind people to donate and cheer the value of what arts and culture brings to our town,” Dynak said.

The arts council will also roll out a series of blog posts throughout the day on its website,

“Each one will highlight the programming and vision of these nonprofits, whether it’s building creative thinking, or community connections or developing creative programs that spark our imagination,” Dynak said. “We’re excited to use the day of giving to use as a platform to tell our story and the story of other arts and culture nonprofits.”

Later that evening, the Park City Summit County Arts Council will gather with other nonprofits at High West Distillery, which is serving as the Live PC Give PC headquarters, to support the day of giving and count up the donations, Dynak says.

“Last year, we raised $3,200, and this year, we have a goal of raising $5,000,” she said. “We hope to blow that out of the water, but felt that was a good goal.”

As incentive the arts council board of directors have agreed to do a matching grant of up to $5,000 in donations.

“The Park City Summit County Arts Council is grateful for the Park City Community Foundation for organizing this day of giving,” Dynak said. “I think it’s a wonderful day to support all the nonprofits the cross all sectors.

It’s a fun day to shout from the rooftops about our work and other nonprofits and support the entire nonprofit sector.”

For information about the Park City Summit County Arts Council, visit this website.

People’s Health Clinic

Mission: To provide medical services for the uninsured and underinsured in Summit and Wasatch counties

The People’s Health Clinic has come a long way from its humble beginnings in a van to a facility located at Quinn’s Junction. Last year, the nonprofit offered services to 8,500 patient visits, said Executive Director Beth Armstrong.

“We covered everything from hypertension to prenatal visits,” Armstrong said. “And many of our patients come back for follow-up appointments.”

The People’s Health Clinic offers the following services:

  • General Medicine
  • Pediatric & Adult Vision Screenings
  • Audiology Testing
  • Pediatrics
  • Chronic Disease Care
  • Prenatal Care and Education
  • Women’s Health
  • Mental Health Referrals
  • Oral Health Education

The clinic also provides referrals to low-cost diagnostic testing, free screening mammograms for women over 40, referrals to social services and job services, and help in applying for health insurance.

The clinic doesn’t offer emergency care or urgent care.

Still, the clinic runs on a budget that averages less than $900,000 per year, Armstrong said.

“We receive no federal funding. We rely on state and local funding, private donations, grant writing and events,” she said. “This is why we love participating in Live PC Give PC.”

Aimee Armer, the nonprofit’s development director, said volunteers and staff will be out in the public the Friday to promote the clinic.

“We will start with a little gathering at Hugo Coffee with staff and volunteers in the morning and then gather for a lunch at the clinic with our board members to contact our friends and families to promote Live PC Give PC,” Armer said. “After that, we will move to The Spur Bar and Grill, who is one of our partners with Live PC Give PC.” The Spur Bar and Grill will donate 10 percent of its sales on Nov. 10 – from opening to close – to People’s Health Clinic.

Then from 5-8 p.m., The Spur, located at 352 Main St., will host a party for the nonprofit.

“We encourage the public to come and pack The Spur with as many People’s Health Clinic supporters as we can to celebrate and have fun,” Armer said.

Each table at The Spur will feature a display and information about the People’s Health Clinic.

“We will also have someone there who will hand out brochures or answer any questions about our services,” Armer said.

Armer wanted to thank The Spur’s managing partner Cortney Johanson for offering the venue for the party.

“She was all over this and wanted to show the community members that they care,” Armer said. “It’s such a great partnership with The Spur.”

People’s Health Clinic’s goal is to raise $75,000, Armstrong said.

“I think Live PC Give PC is one of the best days in Park City, because everyone comes together for the sole purpose of helping nonprofits,” she said. “It’s great because none of the nonprofits feel like were in competition with each other. So, this is that one day where we can have a good-natured competition.”

“The wonderful thing about Live PC Give PC is the camaraderie between the nonprofits,” Armer said. “Everybody is rooting for everybody else and doing what we can to help each other.”

For information about the People’s Health Clinic and the full list of services it provides, visit this website.

Recycle Utah

Mission: To help people lead sustainable lives

Haley Lebsack, director of outreach and communications for Recycle Utah, said she has lived in towns and cities all across the country and has never participated in a fundraiser as fun as Live PC Give PC.

“Something like Live PC Give PC is so unique to Park City,” Lebsack said during an interview. “To be a nonprofit that offers recycling opportunities to residents in Park City and Summit County, is gifted a day to get our word out, get our name out and fund raise with the support of a much larger organization is amazing.”

Recycle Utah volunteers will be making some noise with a group of Ecker Hill Middle School students Friday morning.

“We will be out wearing costumes in front of the round about by the new Whole Foods near the Tanger Outlets,” Lebsack said. “We’ll also have groups greeting people on Kearns Boulevard and Bonanza Drive.” Lebsack said there will also be a group of people at Recycle Utah, 1951 Woodbine Way, from 8 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

“This will all be happening simultaneously,” she said. “And when people come visit the recycling center on Live PC Give PC, we will have a way for people to donate.”

The staff and volunteers will head to High West Distillery later that evening to join other nonprofits for the countdown. Recycle Utah’s goal is to raise $36,000 this year.

Recycle Utah’s annual operating expenses tally in around $500,000, Lebsack said.

“Just as examples, it takes $50 to recycle 800 pounds of plastic bags, and it takes $70 to recycle a ton of mixed plastics,” she said. “$100 helps us recycle 90 bags of Styrofoam. And it takes about $200 to educate 10 Summit County classrooms about sustainability and our mission.”

In the past couple of years, the nonprofit has started new programs that range from recycling bras to water filters to electronic devices and other hard-to-recycle materials.

“We try to keep many of these recycling materials out of our landfill,” Lebsack said. “[Our] small staff and amazing volunteers here at Recycle Utah work extremely hard to fight for protecting our environment.”

For information about Recycle Utah, visit this website.

The Park City Community Foundation’s annual Live PC Give PC fundraising event will run from midinght to midnight on Friday, Nov. 10. The event will give the public the opportunity to donate to local nonprofits in Park City and Summit County. For information or to donate, visit this website.

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