Not PC Players promises a winter full of laughs |

Not PC Players promises a winter full of laughs

Hot off a special performance and fundraiser for the animal rescue nonprofit Nuzzles & Co., the Not PC Players, a group of local improvisational comedy artists, will start its second season this month.

The group, including its core members — John Burdick, Katrina Kmak, Nicole Marcks, Tom Shannon and Nate Sears — will perform an all-ages show at Molly Blooms on Wednesday, Nov. 11.

The rest of the season’s shows will be every other Wednesday, starting on Nov. 25, at O.P. Rockwell. These shows are for ages 21 and older.

Burdick, Kmak, Marcks and Shannon met with The Park Record at the Wasatch Brew Pub a couple of weeks ago to talk about the new season.

"We’re so happy that people wanted to come see us," Burdick said referring to its summer season. "We’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time and didn’t know what was going to happen."

Marcks and Shannon, who perform with another group in Salt Lake City, said they are grateful they can perform for their hometown crowd in Park City.

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"There is something about doing a show here that brings us closer to our own community," Marcks said. "There are audiences here that want to see more improv and we don’t have to drive 40 minutes to do it."

Shannon, Marcks’ husband, said the Not PC Players have been lucky to find a home at O.P. Rockwell.

"It is the perfect place to do improv," Shannon said. "It’s got that old speakeasy feel and the stage is great."

Burdick thanks the venue’s special events coordinator Scott Thomson for taking a chance with the Not PC Players.

"I’ve known him for a number of years and came here to see a band," Burdick said. "I saw the stage and immediately wanted to do comedy."

As an improv group, the Not PC Players’ shows are all made up on the spot, Kmak said.

"We do different games that keep us on our toes," she said. "We’ll ask the audience for ideas and while we do have some ideas, we don’t have anything scripted."

This season, the group is looking to invite some guest improv artists, Shannon said.

"These are people who are incredible at what they do," he said. "We can’t wait to show Park City these talents."

Marcks added that she can’t wait to show the guests how enthusiastic the Park City audiences are.

"I think people really wanted some improv up here, but there wasn’t really the right venue for it," she said. "The Egyptian presented some shows in the past, and they were fun, but nothing really took off. So, I think we fill a niche here."

There has been a small change in the group since it ended its summer season, Burdick said.

"We had a musician, Nathan Innis, who played with us," Burdick said. "He will perform with us on occasion because he’s gotten busy with other things. So, we are going to have Mike Rogers, who is an awesome musician, and other guest musicians perform with us during some of the shows."

In addition to the every-other Wednesday performances, Kmak said the Not PC Players would like to do more collaborations and special events akin to what they did with Nuzzles & Co. a couple of weeks ago.

"There are so many partnerships we can work with in the community, and everyone likes to laugh," she said. "Why not make people laugh and raise awareness?"

As it has since the troupe started performing at O.P. Rockwell last may, admission to the shows is a flat $10 or the amount shown on the roll of three dice.

That means admission can be as low as $3 or as high as $18, Burdick said.

"As Nate would say, ‘Give us 10 or take the dice. It could be bad. It could be nice,’" Burdick said.

The Not PC Players will perform an all-ages show at Molly Blooms on Wednesday, Nov. 11, at 8 p.m. The group will also perform every other Wednesday, starting on Nov. 25, at O.P. Rockwell, 268 Main St., at 9 p.m. These shows are for ages 21 and older. For more information, visit or