NOW-ID partners with the Kimball Art Center for short presentations |

NOW-ID partners with the Kimball Art Center for short presentations

Scott Iwasaki

Call it fate, destiny, coincidence or universal cooperation, because the partnership between the Now International/Interdisciplinary Dance Company and the Kimball Art Center is a solid and complementary match.

The Salt Lake City-based dance company, also known as NOW-ID, has created a work called "Nowhere," which will be presented at the University of Utah’s Libby Gardner Concert Hall on July 17 and 18. And as a preview, the company will present excerpts at the Kimball Art Center on Friday, July 10.

For the Park City presentations, these works have been retitled "You Are Now Here," which fits nicely with the title of the art center’s current Main Gallery exhibit, "You Are Here."

"We’re calling these Park City performances teasers to the Gardner Hall performances," said Charlotte Boye-Christensen, who co-directs NOW-ID with her husband, Nathan Webster. "We will utilize the art center’s window space and exhibit space in putting these two segments from ‘Nowhere’ into the context of the exhibition. It will be interesting to see how that layers people’s understanding or interpretation about the dancing."

There will be two performances. One will be at 7 p.m. and the other at 8:30 p.m., with a reception in between.

"These pieces are short and they run about seven minutes each, so we’ll do both each time," Boye-Christensen said. "We didn’t want them to run more that that, because there may be people standing outside watching the window and people standing inside.

Four dancers will perform two duets.

Two, T.J. Spaur and Tara McArthur, are formerly with Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company. The third dancer, Katherine Lawrence, is a principal dancer with Ballet West, and the last dancer, Brian Nelson, is finishing up his ballet degree at the University of Utah.

"I love working with dancers who are uniquely different," Boye-Christensen said. "I also like the fact that they are different ages and that adds depth and breadth to their performances."

Boye-Christensen formed NOW-ID with Webster, an architect, after she stepped down as artistic director for the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company in 2013.

"I needed a change, and I knew I wanted to create a company that was different than a traditional company," she said. "Since I have always enjoyed collaborations since I stared choreographing, it felt natural to do something like this."

The idea was to specialize in site-specific works that have an interdisciplinary artistic component to them.

"We wanted the sites to be a collaborative partner in the process," Boye-Christensen said. "The company isn’t just contemporary dance and sites, because there is also a crucial design component to it."

The idea to work with her husband on this new endeavor spawned from their early collaborations.

"We did two pieces together when I was with Ririe-Woodbury, so we’ve worked together before and I really respect his perspective," Boye-Christensen said. "We work so well together that it seemed appropriate to form this company together."

The company’s first official work, ‘The Wedding,’ was presented at the Masonic Temple two years ago.

Since then, NOW-ID has created works at Saltair, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA), the Kansas Dance Festival and in Boye-Christensen’s hometown of Copenhagen, Denmark.

This is the first time NOW-ID will work with the Kimball Art Center.

"We’re excited about this, because we haven’t worked with the art center before and that organization is freaking fantastic," Boye-Christensen said. "There are just some people you meet that are so easy to work with, and they are doing some wonderful things. I think they want new experiences for their patrons up there and we wanted to serve them on that level."

The partnership began when Boye-Christensen visited an exhibition earlier this year and found herself drawn to the space.

"Shortly afterwards, we started talking about collaborating on a deeper level and decided on an initial step to see how things may go," she said. "Those talks led us to the exhibition and our performance and we decided to do this. To see if we can find a way to support and perhaps even enhance everything they have going on."

The Kimball Art Center, 638 Park Ave, will present NOW-ID Dance Company, directed by Charlotte Boye-Christensen and Nathan Webster, on Friday, July 10. The company will present two short pieces at 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., with a reception in between. The performances are free and open to the public. For more information, visit