Off Broadway Theatre brings ‘The Revengers’ to Kamas |

Off Broadway Theatre brings ‘The Revengers’ to Kamas

Scott Iwasaki

Since 2008, the Salt Lake City-based Off Broadway Theatre company has performed a melodrama during Kamas’ Fiesta Days at South Summit High School.

"This will be the seventh production we will do in Kamas," said Sandy Jensen, Off Broadway Theatre company co-founder and executive director. "Kamas used to put on melodramas, but it got extremely costly and time consuming.

"They heard about us through a cast member who lived up there and they loved what we did," she said. "They asked us to do come up and perform as a traveling show and after that, we were asked to come back."

The performance this year, which will run Tuesday, July 21, is called "The Revengers," a spoof on Marvel Comic’s "The Avengers."

"It’s a satire so we have different names for each of the characters," Jensen said. "The only two characters’ names we didn’t change were Thor and Loki. Since they are the names of actual Norse gods, we thought we would keep them the same."

Jensen and her husband Eric established the Off Broadway Theatre company in 1994.

"He does most of the writing, directing and acting," Jensen said. "But this play was actually written by another local screenwriter, Rob MacArthur."

Jensen always looks forward to the Kamas performance.

"We pack everything we think we need into a U-Haul and drive up," she said. "We get there usually a day before and hang the [back]drop and set up the props and costumes."

Tickets for the Tuesday performance can be purchased at the door for $3.

"It’s very affordable and people bring their families out to enjoy what has become a tradition," Jensen said. "The show is family friendly and very silly."

The Off Broadway Theatre company will present the melodrama "The Revengers" at South Summit High School during the Kamas Fiesta Days on Tuesday, July 21, at 7 p.m. Tickets are $3 at the door. For more information about the Off Broadway Theatre company, visit . For more information about Kamas’ Fiesta Days, visit

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