Park City couple making Komrades with new food truck |

Park City couple making Komrades with new food truck

Park City-based singer, songwriter and recording artist Robyn Cage is at the Keetley Music Festival at River’s Edge this weekend.

But she’s not playing music. She and her husband Alexander Schenck are serving food from their new Komrades food truck.

The menu includes Schenck’s version of döners, which are essentially German gyros.

“It’s the No. 1 food in Germany and out-sells burgers and other fast foods combined,” Schenck said during a joint interview with Cage atThe Park Record refrigerators, a spit roaster, a flat top griddle, two burners and a steam table, according to Schenck.

“We also have a three-compartment sink and prep tables,” he said. “We make our own bread, so we need a lot of space.”

“That’s one of the things that is most exciting is the sandwiches are made from naan bread, which is really tasty and super fresh,” Cage said.

Schenck also had another motive for starting up Komrades.

“We wanted to test the limits of the restaurant business,” he said. “There are some great employees and some that don’t care much for what they do. There are some managers who don’t care about employees. And that reflects on the quality of the product.

“So, I wanted to see if I could give living wages to people who work with me,” he said. “I pay people 15 dollars or more, plus tips.”

The secret of doing that is not overstaffing, Cage said.

“That way we can pay better, and everyone involved is super passionate about the food truck,” she said. “It’s like a shared dream for all of us.”

In addition to Keetley and Bonanza music festivals, Komrades has served at the Heber Farmers Market, the Park City Medical Center and Blue Sky Ranch.

“We’ve also done some private catering in Summit County and will do a charity event in September,” Schenck said. “The thing is we can’t just set up and cook. We need a special event permit to do this.”

On Sept. 9, Komrades will be at Shades of Pale in Salt Lake City, and Schenck and his crew will serve food while Cage performs, and Cage wants to do more of those types of events.

“I’ve been talking with other songwriters and getting together for something like a mini festival or a song circle or acoustic night and invite the public,” she said.

Although Cage doesn’t help in the kitchen, she has worked with her husband with website and graphic design, social media and marketing.

“I’ve devoted so much time and energy learning these things for my music career, and now I have all of this knowledge I can apply to the food truck,” she said. “Food trucks are like musicians. They build a following and a fan base. When you post a stop on social media, it’s like posting about a show.”

Schenck is still amazed that his dream has come true.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time,” he said. “We weren’t necessarily ready to do this financially, but I figured I just had to find a way to make it happen.

“Robyn helped me get there because I would watch how she promoted her music,” Schenck said. “So, it was nice having someone next to me doing what she loved as well.”

For more information about Komrades food truck, call 760-305-3613 or visit and look them up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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