Park City Library celebrates summer’s end with ‘The Goonies’ |

Park City Library celebrates summer’s end with ‘The Goonies’

Summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still fun to be had

To prove it, the Park City Library will host a free outdoor screening of Richard Donner’s 1985 adventure film “The Goonies” on Friday, Aug. 19.

The event is the library’s final summer bash, said Katrina Kmak, youth services and Spanish services librarian.

“It’s our wrap of the summer and we wanted to congratulate everyone for making it through their summer reading,” Kmak told The Park Record. “We wanted to have one last hurrah before school starts.”

“The Goonies,” starring Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Jeff Cohen, Corey Feldman and Kerri Green, is about a group of kids who embark on a journey to find pirate treasure and save their home.

“I love the film,” Kmak said. “It’s great for the family, although there are some scary parts.

“It’s a classic tale that people can enjoy with their families,” she said. “It’s fun and adventurous, and it makes people want to read books that have similar stories.”

The film will take place on the patio just off of Park City Coffee Roasters.

“We’re not as fancy as Sundance or the Park City Film Series, so we won’t have an inflatable screen,” Kmak said with a laugh. “I have a piece of canvas, which is quite large, that we can project the film on, or we have our pull-down screens we can set up, so depending on how many people show up, we’ll use one or the other.”

Wednesday afternoon, Basin Recreation stepped in and will lend its inflatable screen for the screening.

Filmgoers can bring chairs and blankets and their own treats.

“We’ll also offer popcorn thanks to the Park City Film Series,” Kmak said.

The screening is scheduled to start at 8 p.m.

“We need to see how dark it will be then,” she said. “We may start it a little later. Hopefully we won’t start it later than 8:30.”

If it rains, the screening will take place in the Jim Santy Auditorium.

“Not only will we show the movie, but we’ll also give away free books for children and adults who have participated in our summer reading program,” Kmak said. “Even if they haven’t, they are welcome to take a book.”

This year’s summer reading theme was “Train Your Brain.”

“We encouraged the community to pick something to read that had to do with learning a new hobby or learning how to use new software, or something like that,” Kmak explained. “We knew the topics would vary, depending on the person, so we encouraged people who signed up to find things that interested them.

“Our program isn’t as hard and fast with as many rules as a typical summer reading program,” she said. “We’re kind of free and easy, which also represents our community as well.”

The outdoor screening is just one new activity the Park City Library offers to the community.

“I feel that people often identify libraries with an old way of thinking,” Kmak said. “They still have conceptions in their brains that libraries are quiet or have books that are outdated and not fun.

“We really want to break down those barriers and let people know that the library is different today and that we want to do things that doesn’t necessarily only have to do with books,” she said. “Clearly, books are something that we want to provide with the community, but we’re more than that. We want to be a place where the community can come to participate in different activities and have fun. So, having an open, free event like the screening is what we’re all about. We invite anyone in the community to enjoy our facility.”

The Park City Library, 1255 Park Ave., will host a free screening of “The Goonies,” rated PG, on the library’s patio on Friday, Aug. 19. The movie will begin at dusk. The screening will celebrate the end of summer and the summer reading program. For more information, visit

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