Park City Library will celebrate its grand opening |

Park City Library will celebrate its grand opening

The wait is over.

The Park City Library’s $9.6 million renovation is complete and the town will celebrate its grand opening on Saturday, June 13 and it will be a party.

The day will start at 10:30 a.m. with a book-brigade volunteer check in. At 11:30 a.m., the book brigade will pass 127 books, representing the 127 years the library has been open, from the library’s temporary home at Miners Hospital, 1354 Park Ave., to the refurbished structure at 1255 Park Ave.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place at noon and the public will be invited for a tour.

Adding to the festivities, the Park City Film Series, along with the Sundance Institute, will host its own opening party from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m., said Katharine Wang, executive director of the Park City Film Series.

The first hour will feature the Sundance Institute’s short-film selections, Wang told The Park Record.

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"These are all curated from past Sundance Film Festivals," she explained. "While all the films aren’t rated, they are recommended for audiences ages 13 and older."

The Sundance films will be as follows:

  • "Boneshaker," directed and written by Frances Bodomo, six minutes, U.S.A., 2013
  • "Afronauts," directed and written by Frances Bodomo, 14 minutes, U.S.A., 2014
  • "The Little Deputy," directed by Trevor Anderson, nine minutes, Canada, 2015
  • "Making it in America," directed by Joris Debeij, nine minutes, U.S.A., 2015
  • "Palm Rot," directed by Ryan Gillis, eight minutes, U.S.A., 2015
  • "Tupilaq," directed by Jakob Maqe, six minutes, Denmark, 2015

    "Being a part of this community celebration is hugely important to us," said Sarah Pearce, managing director of the Sundance Institute. "The Santy has been, and will continue to be, one of our most valued locations for the Sundance Film Festival. We are honored to collaborate with Park City and the Park City Film Series to develop a state of the art facility that will benefit the entire community."

    After the Sundance screenings, the Park City Film Series will get a turn screening films that were culled the past Park City Filmmakers Showcases, according to Wang.

    These films screened by the Park City Film Series will be:

  • "Gugi," directed by Scott Thorton, six minutes
  • "Kitty Fight," directed by Josh Samson, five minutes
  • "Stray," directed by Luu Brothers, four minutes
  • "Balloon Man," directed by Scott Thornton and Dodge Billingsley, nine minutes
  • "Ring," directed by Adam Herr, two minutes
  • "A Day at the Beach," directed by Brendan Mooney, two minutes
  • "Transmormon," directed by Torben Bernhard, 12 minutes
  • "Two Roommates, One Banana," directed by Arthur Veenema, four minutes
  • "In My Heart (You Have a Home)," directed by Mark Granger, three minutes
  • "Dancer," directed by Paisley Bothe, two minutes
  • "Vecchio and Nuovo," directed by Arthur Veenema, four minutes
  • "Like a Dance," directed by Jill Orschel, five minutes

    These films were selected by Filmmakers Showcase curator Jill Orschel and Park City Film Series Program Director George Dymalski, Wang said.

    "One thing they wanted to make clear is that this list is not a ‘best of’ list," Wang said. "These are selections from local filmmakers that we have screened over the past few years and it will be fun to see the breadth of talent that we have in our community."

    The idea for the Sundance Institute and Park City Film Series to screen short films made sense in the scheme of things, according to Wang.

    "This way people can come and go and not have to sit in one film for 90 minutes or so," she said. "All of the screenings are free and will be shown on our digital projection system that has new cinema sound, a new screen and all of the new film-production equipment."

    The Park City Film Series will close the day’s celebration with a screening that will engage kids and families, Disney’s "The Jungle Book."

    "This is the classic, 1967 animated version and we’ll use it to play homage to our Books 2 Movies program," Wang said. "This is such a great film. It has some wonderful music and a great story."

    In addition to the screenings, the film series plans a festival just outside the auditorium on the library’s third floor throughout the afternoon.

    "We’ll do some fun film giveaways every 15 minutes and free popcorn to encourage people to come up," Wang said. "We’ll also feature live music by the members of the Park City High School jazz Band and vintage costumes available so people can get dressed up and have their pictures taken."

    The event is a precursor to the Park City Film Series’ 2015-16 season that will officially begin in fall at Jim Santy Auditorium.

    "Obviously we’re excited to go back for our season, but we are also looking at some possibilities to showcase some films this summer," Wang said. "As far as the film series’ season goes, we’re already booked out with our Reel Community Film Series through December."

    The Reel Community Series is a partnership between the Park City Film Series and local nonprofits and charity organizations, Wang said.

    "It’s been great to see the response and it’s exciting to see what we have planned out so far," she said. "People are super excited for us to get back into the Santy space. It took a lot of work to move out of the space for a year, but it was worth waiting for."

    While Wang is looking forward to the Santy screenings, she is grateful for the Prospector Theater welcoming the Park City Film Series back in September.

    "The level of activity we experienced with the films at the Prospector raised the profile of the film series and what we do in the community," Wang said. "We are thankful for their generosity because there weren’t any places available for us to go."

    The Sundance Institute and the Park City Film Series will celebrate the grand opening of the Park City Library’s Jim Santy Auditorium on Saturday, June 13, from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. See story titled "Park City Library Grand Opening Celebration schedule" for full schedule. For more information, visit

    For a full schedule of Saturday’s events, click here.