Park City lives to give |

Park City lives to give

The adage "It's better to give than to receive" rings true in most cases, but in Park City, the more you give, the more you will receive.

At least that's the concept behind Park City Community Foundation's annual Live PC Give PC day of giving that will be held on Friday, Nov. 4, this year.

The 24-hour fundraising drive starts a at midnight Thursday Nov. 3, and ends at midnight on Friday, Nov. 4.

In short, the more people give to the community's nonprofit organizations, the local residents will experience and elevated quality of life that the nonprofits work to ensure, according to Ollie Wilder, Park City Community Foundation programs director.

"Nonprofits provide services that make Park City special," Wilder said during an interview with The Park Record. "They provide artistic, educational and recreational activities, and so much more, so Live PC Give PC helps those nonprofits with their missions."

The fundraiser also helps the Park City Community Foundation with its own three-tiered, strategic mission, Wilder said.

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Those goals are as follows:

  • To endow the community by encouraging giving
  • Supporting nonprofits by giving money that will be used specifically in Summit County
  • Have a positive impact on the community by elevating awareness of the good the nonprofits do"This is another way our wonderful community comes together," Wilder said.
    Live PC Give PC stared as a fundraising experiment in 2011, but has grown immensely.

    "In the early days, no one really knew exactly what would happen, and we were pleased to raise $300,000 the first year," Wilder said. "The second year, the total jumped to more than $600,000. It was if everyone woke up and said, 'Wow! This could really make a difference.'"

    Last year, the goal was to raise a catchy $1,234,567, and the fundraiser ended up raising a total of $1,348,668, a jump from $1,035,000 the year before.

    "We couldn't believe it," Wilder said. "We were amazed and delighted by the response from the community."

    With last year's success, the Park City Community Foundation wanted to up the ante once again.

    "Our goal this year is $1.5 million," Wilder said.

    As the number of dollars raised during Live PC Give PC these past seven years climbs, the number of participating nonprofits also increases.

    This year, there are 97 nonprofits including the Park City Community Foundation that are participating in the fundraiser, Wilder said.

    "That's a nice jump from last year's 86," he said. "There are also a lot of sports clubs that fall under the umbrella of the Youth Sports Alliance."

    Many of the nonprofits will be out in the community during the day stirring up excitement and support.

    "They will all be on street corners wearing orange Live PC Give PC shirts and waving signs," Wilder said. "There will also be donation stations at different cafes and such during the morning hours until around noon."

    During the day, Live PC Give PC will feature two power hours — one at 11 a.m. and the other at 8 p.m. — to encourage a little extra giving.

    "The first 200 donations of $20 or more will get an additional $20 boost each from the Park City Community Foundation," Wilder said.

    In the evening, from 7 p.m. until midnight the Park City Community Foundation will head to High West Distillery for a day-end celebration for donors aged 21 and older.

    "Hopefully people will give first and then come to the party," Wilder said with a smile. "We'll have a cash bar and the live music will be played by Changing Lanes Experience. They played at Live PC Give PC two years ago and we loved them, so they are coming back."

    During the party, the Park City Foundation will award prizes to nonprofits with the most donors.

    "These leaderboard prizes are determined on how many donors give to an organization," Wilder said. "It's not about the most money. It's about the most people."

    The grand prizes are as follows:

  • All Nonprofits Leaderboard, sponsored by Park City Mountain and Epic Promise.
    First prize is $2,500. Second prize is $1,500 and third prize is $1000.These other categories will offer $1,250 for first prize; $750 for second and $500 for third.
  • Caring for Each Other (Wellness nonprofits), sponsored by Park City Hospital.
  • Energizing and Enlightening (Arts and Culture), sponsored by the Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Foundation.
  • Keep on Moving (Sports and Recreation), sponsored by SNOCRU.
  • Protecting Where We Play (Environment), sponsored by Tesoro

Sparking Minds (Education), sponsored by GBS Benefits

"A nonprofit can only be awarded a prize in one of the categories, so, if one wins a prize in the All Nonprofits category, they aren't eligible to win anything else," Wilder said.

Although there are a couple of days before Friday, the Live PC Give PC website — — is up and already accepting donations.

"All of the donations will count for the day's total," Wilder said. "We hope everyone will have a great day of giving."

On Friday, Nov. 4, the Park City Community Foundation will host Live PC Give PC, a day of fundraising that will benefit all of the Park City's and Summit County's nonprofit organizations. The donations will be accepted from midnight to midnight. For more information or to donate, visit