Park City Publishing’s cookbook brings local restaurant flavors home |

Park City Publishing’s cookbook brings local restaurant flavors home

Scott Iwasaki

Lauren Nadler, founder of Park City Publishing, wanted to publish a book that showed off Park City’s culinary community. So, she worked with local eateries to create "From the Restaurants of Park City, a Mountain Town’s Cookbook."

The book, which will be released in January during film festival week, is available for preorders by visiting .

The idea for the book actually sprouted back in the 1980s.

"I have always been into publishing, art and design and back then, Park City had a menu guide," Nadler said. "I always wanted to do something more.

"We wanted to do a cookbook, but we didn’t want it to be just full of recipes," she said. "This book is more like an evening out."

"From the Restaurants of Park City" will be hardcover and will include 21 restaurant features printed on matte-coated paper.

"It will contain a write up about each restaurant and their executive chefs," Nadler said. "There is also between three to five recipes from each."

Nadler wants people to experience a night out in Park City without leaving their homes.

"They can open the book and find a restaurant like the Riverhorse on Main and create a whole dinner that will include appetizer, main entrée and dessert," she said. "Or they can have a taste of Butcher’s Chop House or go to the No Name Saloon section and make dinners from all the recipes from those restaurants.

"While they are enjoying the food, they can read about the restaurant and chef," Nadler said. "It’s like bringing the tastes of Park City home."

Park City Publishing started working on the book in June.

"We sent out an email blast and some of the restaurants that wanted to participate asked us if we could wait until September to start gathering all the information, so that’s what we did," Nadler said. "We gave them a deadline, a page count and asked them to submit what they wanted."

Restaurants included in the cookbook are as follows:

  • 350 Main
  • Boneyard
  • The Brass Tag
  • The Bridge Café and Grill
  • Butchers Chop House
  • Deer Valley Grocery and Café
  • Done to Your Taste
  • Flanagan’s on Main
  • The Farm
  • Flying Sumo
  • Gateway Grill
  • Goldener Hirsch
  • Good Karma
  • No Name Saloon
  • Park City Culinary Institute
  • Powder
  • Red Tail Grill
  • Riverhorse on Main
  • Sammy’s Bistro
  • Silver Star Café
  • Wine Dive

    "The final design of the book is pretty close to what we had in mind, however we did listen to input from the restaurants and asked the what they really wanted to see in the book," Nadler said. "We moved some things around and added some things to make this a better product.

    "The restaurant owners were excited about doing this," she said. "They supported us, and gave us 100 percent."

    In addition to the restaurant pages, the book includes photos of Park City.

    "We have many winter, summer and fall photos, which makes this more of an heirloom, gift book," Nadler said. "It brings the Park City environment together, as well."

    The publisher said the project is one that sits close to her heart.

    "I’ve been in publishing for more than 35 years and have worked on weekly and monthly magazines, but this product, I think, has more meaning behind it for me," Nadler said. "I grew up in Park City in the ’70s and grew up in restaurants including Mileti’s, the Claim Jumper, Utah Coal & Lumber and Cattle Co. and I worked for the resorts.

    "I love the town and this book is more of a labor of love," she said. "I do a lot of books, but this was something that meant something more. I still feel attached to the town. I wanted to show it off."

    Park City Publishing plans to sell "From the Restaurants of Park City, a Mountain Town’s Cookbook" at Deer Valley Signature Stores and other bookstores in town.

    "All the restaurants will have the opportunity to sell the books as well," Nadler said.

    "From the Restaurants of Park City, a Mountain Town’s Cookbook" can be preordered by visiting .

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