Park City will participate in the WorldWide PhotoWalk |

Park City will participate in the WorldWide PhotoWalk

Photographers of all levels get a kick out of the WorldWide PhotoWalk.

The annual event, which will be held this year on Saturday, Oct. 1, is an international event that celebrates photography, according to Thomas Horton, the PhotoWalk’s Park City leader, and owner of Further to Fly Photography.

“It’s sponsored by Scott Kelby’s KelbyOne, one of the world’s largest photo education organizations, and the Photoshop Users Association, and people in communities all over the world participate in this,” Horton explained during an interview with The Park Record. “There are hundreds of PhotoWalks all over the world going out the same day, so if you come with us, you will be one of thousands of photographers going out that day.”

The Park City walk will start at Park City Mountain’s Legacy Lodge plaza at 10:15 a.m., with a goal of leaving at 10:30 a.m.

“From there, we’ll take an hour or two and stroll towards Old Town,” Horton said.
That will provide photographers a couple of options.

“They can go up the mountain through the forest and capture some fall-color autumn leaves, or they can go down through town and get small-town, old-town scenes,” Horton said. “We’ll have maps for people, but I will probably take people up the hill so no one will get lost, but this is completely up to the individual photographer.”

Past Park City PhotoWalk groups have averaged between 12 and 15 people.

“If you come alone, you might be able to hook up with some people, or you may want to go about it on your own,” Horton said. “It’s also a low pressure event because we mix all sorts of people of all different skill levels and equipment together. It’s not competitive in any sense and it’s centered around the joy of photography.”

Horton enjoys that the event is a “nice, balanced combination of giving yourself a challenge in a sort of spontaneous situation.”

“People can even attend with their phone cameras,” he said. “You will be surprised at how sophisticated the phone cameras have become. Even professional photographers talk about doing some of their work on phone cams.”

There will also be people who will be draped with all of their state-of-the-art equipment.

“This is for anyone who wants to take photographs,” Horton said. “No one will judge anyone. Everyone will get to meet other photographers and talk photos and enjoy the day.”

Route plans will change depending on the weather.

“If the weather is bad, we may do something different at the last minute,” Horton said. “So, it is important for people to go to the WorldWide PhotoWalk web link to register.”

The address is

“That will allow me to communicate with the photographers and make sure they are aware of any updates,” Horton said. “ Now, good weather doesn’t mean a bright sunny day. Clouds and a bit of overcast skies do help photographers a lot. So, let’s say we’re keeping our fingers crossed for good photo weather.”

After the outing, the photographers will meet outside the Wasatch Brew Pub to compare photos and talk about the experience.

“Now, there is an optional element as well where we can go inside the Brew Pub and share a beverage, food or both and talk photography,” Horton said.

There is also a photo contest associated with the WorldWide PhotoWalk.

“Everyone who is on the walk and has registered can submit their best photo,” Horton said. “Then, through a judging process, the photos will be entered into an international pool and prizes will be awarded.”

While registration for the PhotoWalk is optional, photographers need to be registered to submit their photos to the contest.

“Registration is free to anyone and there are no strings attached,” Horton promised. “You won’t get spammed and put on any list.”

For practical purposes, photographers who wish to register need to do that by Thursday.

“That’s to make sure they get last-minute communications from me if anything changes,” Horton said. “We have a number of people who have registered already. We hope people show up.”

Park City will participate in Scott Kelby’s annual WorldWide PhotoWalk on Saturday, Oct. 1. Photographers of all levels with all types of equipment, including mobile phone cameras, will meet at the Legacy Lodge, 1345 Lowell Ave., at 10:15 a.m. and depart in groups or alone for trails and Historic Main Street at 10:30 a.m. For more information or to register, visit