Park City’s Elizabeth Hareza embarks on her first national tour |

Park City’s Elizabeth Hareza embarks on her first national tour

Since 2012, singer and songwriter Elizabeth Hareza has called Park City home.

She moved here from Charlotte, North Carolina, and before that she was based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the town where she was born.

This weekend, Hareza embarks on her first national tour where she will return to those towns, but also perform in Chicago, Nashville, the Ozarks and, hopefully, Denver.

The tour is in support of her new extended-play album "My Peeps."

"It’s my first tour ever," Hareza told The Park Record. "I’ve never had an album before, now I do and this is a way to get on the road and meet people.

"I’m scheduled to leave Park City the weekend of June 19 and my first stop is in Chicago on June 24," she said. "I’m so excited. I get to get out there and tell people about Park City and play for them."

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The tour will be a whirlwind because Hareza is scheduled to perform during the Park City Kimball Arts Festival the first weekend of August.

"I really want to be back in time for my show on that Friday," she said. "And I will hopefully have some new songs that I wrote while on the road."

Ever since Hareza started writing songs as a child, she dreamed of touring and she knows this opportunity didn’t come without help.

"The love and support I’ve received from everyone in Park City with getting the word out about my music and making it happen has been an incredible journey for me," she said. "That said, I don’t have a manager and I don’t have any promotional companies at this time."

However, her current employer, Car Lashes, has supported her dream.

"They offered me an opportunity to shine and use my talents for them during the day and allow me to go on tour," Hareza said. "How many companies would say it is okay for you to leave for a month? I mean it’s been incredible."

Hareza did her own booking for the tour, and found it wasn’t as nerve-wracking as it may appear.

"That was because there were so many options as to where to play," she said. "The country is so big and there are so many places that offer music and so many people that love hearing live music."

The biggest challenge was keeping track of which venues replied.

"I had to make sure that I could plan a comprehensive schedule, because I do have to get from city to city," Hareza said. "So, if someone was only booking Saturdays and I was available on a Sunday, I had to find somewhere else, even if I really wanted to play at that one place."

She also had to make sure she found venues that fit what she was looking for.

"I did a lot of homework because I didn’t want to walk into a situation where I would feel that I wasn’t supposed to be," she said, laughing.

Hareza also relied on local restaurant owners such as Lisa Cilva Ward at the Silver Star Café.

"She and others from the different places I perform at have put me into contact with artists who are passing through Utah," Hareza said. "I give them my information and tell them about our awesome venues here in Park City and Salt Lake and they, in turn, give me lists of places they like to play.

"For example, the Chicago show is going to be fabulous because I’m booked to play with two other artists who have never played in the area," she said. "We’re doing a two-hour show and I’m looking forward to meeting them."

Hareza’s shows in Pittsburgh and North Carolina also have some personal connections.

"I was born in Pittsburgh and grew up a Steelers fan and have huge ties there," she said. "I left that close-knit community to go south to a little community in North Carolina.

"So to go and revisit those places and tell them how great it’s been in Park City over the past three years is going to be a lot of fun," Hareza said. "I feel I have three hometowns and I’m so excited to represent us. This makes me feel really good, because I love this town."

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