Park City’s MegaMind PubQuiz celebrates two years |

Park City’s MegaMind PubQuiz celebrates two years

A team readies to compete in the MegaMind PubQuiz at Flanagan's on Main. Quizmasters Colleen McGinn and Malia Macheel started the weekly event two years ago. (Photo courtesy of MegaMind PubQuiz)

In 2012, Colleen McGinn and Malia Macheel started the MegaMind PubQuiz at the Wasatch Brew Pub.

The event, which, and has since moved to Flanagan’s on Main, is a weekly event held every Tuesday from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m.

The women, who are known as PubQuiz Masters, can’t believe it’s been two years since they started the PubQuiz.

"We’ve maintained an average of 12 teams per night," McGinn said. "And we’re still keeping up with that number."

"A year and half ago, we high-fived the fact that we had 13 teams one night," Macheel said. "And it’s just gone off from then."

Teams of two to eight people can play for the weekly prize or opt to play what we call the "6-Pack," which is a six-week tournament round, McGinn said.

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"We offer three rounds," she said. "The first includes general questions. The second features questions that are about a certain theme and the third round uses either visuals or audio."

The questions are culled from all different topics.

"We also like to keep the categories current," McGinn said. "For example, last week, we asked questions about the Olympics and got everyone, me included, psyched up for the Games."

One of the challenges was to make sure the questions do cover a broad range of interests.

"In the beginning the hardest part for both of us was not to become so myopic in our own tastes," Macheel said. "There were also times when some of the teams who were in our demographic started to score higher points and then we realized it was because we were all the same age."

That changed when the PubQuiz started its Facebook page,!/megaMIND.pubQUIZ/info

"We made it into an online forum, which was been great," she said. "A lot of people have given us some wonderful suggestions about topics we can cover."

Macheel and McGinn are always looking for new questions.

"We have our notebooks with us at all times, because ideas come up all the time," Macheel said. "They come when you’re on the ski lifts or hanging out with coworkers."

The visual quizzes are handed out on pieces of paper.

"They range from anything from state flags, flags of the world to logos and things like that," Macheel said. "We keep it relevant to what’s currently going on."

"We’ve also done visuals of celebrities when they were children and states in the nation," McGinn said.

The scores are awarded based on a point system.

"Whoever gets the most points at the end receives a $50 gift certificate," McGinn said. "We also have a prize table and do bonus shout-out questions. So the people who get those right can just come up and get a prize right then."

The cost is $5 for teams ranging from two to five people and an additional $5 for teams over five, but not more than eight people.

"We’ve also have had some individuals come in from out of town who just happened to drop by and join a team for one night," Macheel said. "We never turn someone away. If they want to play, they can join in the fun."

Also, if a group of more than eight people want to play, they are split into two groups, McGinn said.

"Also, $2 of every $5 collected throughout the 6-week tournament period is awarded to a charity of the winning team’s choice," she said.

The PubQuiz Masters’ goal for starting up the PubQuiz and adding the charity aspect was to add some variety to Park City’s nightlife, Macheel said.

"There is a lot of entertainment that runs through this town," she said. "The charitable factor has not only helped us to start strong out of the gate, but also keep people coming back.

"The fact that we’ve been able to showcase charities that some people may not have even heard of is super exciting," Macheel said. "Last year, we even had teams come in to specifically raise money for these causes."

When people participate, they should be prepared to drop their mobile phones in empty beer pitchers, because looking up an answer is cheating.

"We have three rules," Macheel said. "The first is we’re always right. The second is no shouting out the answers, and the third is no using cell phones."

The move to Flanagan’s was just part of the PubQuiz’s evolution.

"We are so grateful to have started at the Wasatch Brew Pub," Macheel said. "If we hadn’t had the love and support of [owner] Greg Schirf, it wouldn’t have become what it is now."

When the Brew Pub’s popularity grew, Macheel and McGinn didn’t want to interfere with its business.

"Parties started being booked and we ended up at Flanagan’s," Macheel said.

"They welcomed us with open arms," McGinn said. "We meet downstairs and it’s like our own little place."

The MegaMind PubQuiz is held at Flanagan’s on Main, 438 Main St., Tuesday nights from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. For more information, visit!/megaMIND.pubQUIZ/info.