Park88 readies for its Park City Institute Locals Live Streaming debut |

Park88 readies for its Park City Institute Locals Live Streaming debut

Park88, a husband-and-wife duo featuring Rich Wyman and Lisa Needham, were one of the local acts to perform for the Park City Institute’s Local’s Live Streaming series.
Photo by Mickey Deneher

Park City Institute Locals Live Streaming

Who: Park88

When: 7 p.m. on Saturday, July 18

Where: and

Cost: Free


Park88 is looking forward to its first gig with the Park City Institute this Saturday.

The Park City-based husband-and-wife duo of Rich Wyman and Lisa Needham will perform at 7 p.m. at, as well as on the nonprofit’s YouYube channel and Facebook page.

The concert, which will run between 45 minutes to an hour, will feature a lot of songs the duo has been working on during the novel coronavirus pandemic, Wyman said.

“We’re excited to move into our newer music,” he said. “We’ll probably wind up doing six brand new songs, and three or four catalog songs.”

Although Park88 had put together a show called “A Rockin’ Cabaret” a few months ago, Wyman said he and Needham opted not to do anything like that for the livestream.

“‘A Rockin’ Cabaret’ was a one-off performance,” he said. “We filmed it, and we were in the process of editing it so we could approach booking agents when the COVID lockdown hit in March. So it’s sitting on the shelf until things start to open up.”

“It would be nice to do it sometime later in a completely different setting,” Needham added.

One of the songs Park88 will perform Saturday is “Slow Down,” which was released as a video on June 24. The song is the new single from the duo’s debut album “The Fearlessness” that was released in September.

“That song has gotten a lot of support from our fans in Europe and in the United States,” Wyman said. “I think it touches on something that we’re all going through with this pandemic. My attitude is the planet has taken a break from the human species and the water is cleaner. The air is cleaner. So let’s not hurry and try to get back to normal. I think when we do go back, let’s go back to a brand new world with a cleaner environment, a higher minimum wage and political systems that work for everybody.”

Saturday’s livestream is the first time Park88 will collaborate with the Park City Institute.

“I didn’t know they were doing this,” Needham said. “Then I saw (local singer-songwriter) MaryBeth Maziarz perform, and thought, ‘We want to do this.’”

So Needham reached out to Ari Ioannides, Park City Institute executive director, a little more than a month ago to set it up.

Ioannides set up the Locals Live Streaming concerts after its annual Big Stars, Bright Nights summer concert series was canceled due to COVID-19.

The streaming performances are a way for Park City Institute to give local musicians and its tech crew a chance to work, Ioannides said in March.

While Park88 is working on a set list for Saturday’s performance, it is also tightening up a string of new songs that they are planning to include on a new album in 2021.

“We’re doing preproduction on the new music every day in our home studio now, which is great,” Wyman said. “We’re working on the arrangements, the vocals, harmonies and instrumentation. That will make things move faster once we do get into a recording studio, because once we feel we have the batch of songs worked out, we’ll just go and knock them out.”

A few weeks ago Needham and Wyman started an online subscription page for their fans at

Patreon is a membership platform that allows artists and creative entrepreneurs to earn a monthly income as they build and run a subscription-content service.

The income is generated when artists offer rewards, such as exclusive, behind-the-scenes access or items, for their members, he said.

“We send them advanced recordings and music as we create them, and we also do Zoom calls with our patrons and get feedback from everything ranging from album artworks, songs and other things we’re doing,” he said.

In addition, Park88 presents two Facebook concerts a week at

Although preparing for those performances is a lot of work, Wyman enjoys seeing Facebook connect his fans around the world.

“Fans in Europe have begun talking back and forth with our fans in the United States,” he said. “They’re building friendships, and that’s cool.”

Once the July 18 performance wraps, Park88 will have six days to prepare for its next concerts that are scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on July 24 and 25 at the Boneyard, 1251 Kearns Blvd.

“We usually perform up on the roof, but they moved the stage to the parking lot this year,” Needham said. “We’ll see how it goes.”

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