Parkite wants Park City to celebrate being happy and healthy |

Parkite wants Park City to celebrate being happy and healthy

In 2007, Park City resident Jennifer Mulholland was on the top of the world working for a Fortune 500 company.

"I was enjoying my career and felt that life was great," Mulholland told The Park Record. "Then I experienced my own health issue. There was an irritation in my stomach and I wasn’t sleeping."

Mulholland went to 12 different medical practitioners to diagnose the problem, but to no avail.

"I became frustrated with the disconnected experience in what I call the sick-care model, where as a consumer you need to tell your story over and over with different practitioners," she said. "None of them talked with each other. None of them made that connection between the mental, emotional and spiritual stuff that was going on."

Mulholland eventually found out what was wrong. She had contracted a parasite during her honeymoon overseas.

Although she was able to recover, the experience left its mark.

"I have a degree and background in sports science, nutrition and sports psychology and a third generation of entrepreneurs in the health-and-wellness field," Mulholland said. "I couldn’t imagine, with that type of background and training, that it would take so long to figure out what was wrong with me.

"I thought if I had that problem, then how do other people navigate the system," she said. "That inspired me to lead a charge in bringing people together to create more of a community approach to well being so practitioners and the public can share what has worked so they can help make finding solutions more efficient and effective."

So, in October 2011, Mulholland established Healthy, Happy Human BEings (H3BE), and launched her vision in Park City in January 2012.

"My goal was to create healthy, happy hubs in cities nationwide by educating, connecting and empowering three stakeholder groups in local communities," she said. "Those groups include health-seeking individuals, healthcare providers and wellness-minded businesses."

The idea is to have them come together in a technology platform to share all things related to being healthy, happy and whole.

"I’m in my funding round right now, looking for my first investment to build the enterprise-technology platform, which will be a social platform, that brings best-of-breed content, products, services, experts and programs into one place in cities," Mulholland said. "I want it to be like a one-stop-shop to wellbeing."

Since the technology platform is currently in the production mode, Mulholland has already hosted more than 32 events in what she calls the Wellbeing Collaborative, a professionals-only network and event structure that helps unite health and well-care providers for the purpose of learning, sharing and collaborating.

"We usually have a panel of speakers who share their wisdom and then open it up to discussion and introductions," she said. "It’s a safe environment where they can express themselves and discuss Eastern and Western approaches to supporting the whole person’s wellbeing."

These gatherings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at the Prospector Conference Center, 2175 Sidewinder Dr.

The next will be Tuesday, Oct. 7, at 6 p.m. The topic will be Inflammation: The Root Cause for Most Disease.

"Want to invite all practitioners and all providers, including yoga instructors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, art therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians and specialists," Mulholland said. "I believe the future of our medicine is the blend of Eastern and Western approaches, and the Wellbeing Collaborative brings together individuals and businesses in one place, so a fragmented structure doesn’t have to exist anymore."

The remaining collaborative schedule for the year is:

  • Nov. 4. Sugar Addiction: Symptoms, Impact and Detox.
  • Dec. 2: Stress Reduction Techniques for Your Patience

    "On Sunday, Dec. 21, we will also host a public, community-wide Winter Solstice event at the Shop Yoga Studio that will welcome in the light and prepare our dreams and hopes for 2015," Mulholland said.

    The nature of H3BE and the collaborative isn’t just focused on physical health, she said.

    "We believe that a human is an integrated being," she said. "We feel we have seven domains of ourselves that interact and must work together if we are to thrive and heal.

    Those domains are

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Financial
  • Environmental

    "These are all aspects that make up a healthy, happy human, but also aspects that create a healthy, happy community," Mulholland said. "There is an interrelationship between these domains and if one is out of balance, it affects the others. For example, if we’re stressed out, then that affects how we digest food, and so on."

    Through the past gatherings, Mulholland has noticed that the solutions for health problems are easier to find than what she has been led to believe.

    "We have also found that positive lifestyle choices are responsible for treating, curing, preventing and reversing more than 80 percent of the leading diseases we face in the United States," she said.

    One of the benefits of living in Park City is that the town already promotes living a positive lifestyle.

    "It’s already a pioneer in being what I call one of the first happy, healthy cities," Mulholland said. "We have seen this with the beautiful articles that have been written by such publications as ‘Outside’ magazine, and we’ve been established as one of the healthiest towns in America."

    For more information about Healthy, Happy Human BEings, call 435-962-0122 for visit or .

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