Parkite’s lofty goal is to summit the second highest mountain on each continent |

Parkite’s lofty goal is to summit the second highest mountain on each continent

She has already topped Ojos Del Salado

Park City resident Jenn Drummond, a mother of seven children, is taking the next couple of years to visit the Earth's seven continents and summit each of their second highest mountains.
Courtesy of Trent & Company

Park City resident Jenn Drummond likes the number seven.

She is the mother of seven children and she is currently in the process of traveling to the Earth’s seven continents to summit each of their second highest mountains.

“Climbing mountains get me out of this comfort zone, and that’s where I feel alive,” Drummond said. “It’s where I grow, because the challenge expands me.”

Her list of the mountains and their altitudes are is as follows:

• Gora Dykh-Tau, Russia, Europe, 17,077 feet

• K2, Nepal, Asia, 28,251 feet

• Mt. Kenya, Kenya, Africa, 17,057 feet

• Mt. Logan, Canada, North America, 19,551 feet

• Mt. Townsend, Australia, 7,247 feet

• Mt. Tyree, Antarctica, 15,919 feet

• Ojos Del Salado, Chile, South America, 22,615 feet

Drummond decided on the second highest summits on each continent because, collectively, they are more difficult than the highest summits.

“These are more technically advanced than the first seven, and they haven’t been summited by a female before,” she said. “That was enticing to me.”

The challenge also aligns with the Drummond family’s philosophy of challenging themselves.

“One day after I returned from climbing the Grand Tetons, my kids told me I needed to do something harder, like Mt. Everest,” Drummond said. “So, I thought about it and said, ‘Let’s figure this out.’”

After doing some research and personal reflection, Drummond came up with the idea to summit the seven peaks.

“After I had my big 40th birthday, I asked myself what I wanted to do over this next decade that I won’t be able to do in two decades,” she said. “That’s what got me into mountaineering.”

A car accident in December 2018 also served as a catalyst for Drummond to look at life differently.

She was clipped by a semi-truck while driving from Heber to Park City on U.S. 40. Her car flipped three and a half times and landed upside down in the median.

“While I was upside down in the ditch, someone ran up to the car and asked if I was OK,” she said. “I closed my eyes and wiggled my fingers and toes. I was able to feel them, and said, ‘I’m OK.’”

The police, after reconstructing the accident multiple times, told Drummond she should have been killed.

“When you are faced with death, you start to look at life in an entirely different way,” she said. “At that time, I ran a successful financial service industry business that made me happy, but didn’t fulfill me. And I realized my life is bigger than me, and I needed to do something that makes a mark.”

Parkite Jenn Drummond decided to summit the second highest peaks on all seven continents because of their technical difficulty and the fact that no woman has accomplished that feat.
Courtesy of Trent & Company

When Drummond decided she would climb the seven summits, she called a meeting with her five boys and two twin girls.

“I told them while I’m training for that, they can train for math, and we can do this together,” she said with a laugh.

Drummond will also dedicate each summit to each of her children.

“Each one of the mountains have their own personalities, as do my own kids,” she said.

On Dec. 8, Drummond summited Ojos Del Salado, and is planning on leaving for Mt. Kenya in February. In May, she will take a detour to climb Mt. Everest.

“Everest isn’t one of the second summits, but I’m using it as a training ground to climb K2 in July,” she said. “I want to do Everest first to get exposure to the altitude.”

Gora Dykh-Tau and Mt. Townsend are not open now because of COVID, and the others have climbing seasons, according to Drummond.

“You climb Mt. Logan in June, so I won’t have time to try it this year, because I’ll be preparing to climb K2,” she said. “And you can only climb Mt. Tyree in December, January or February, so we’re going to see if things open up next year.”

Keeping her responsibility as a mother in mind, Drummond made a rule to come home with all of her fingers and toes.

“So if things don’t work out the first time, it will be OK,” she said. “It just means I’ll try it again.”

People can follow Drummond’s progress on her website,, under the section called Summit Notes. “The website is like a go-getter community,” she said. “It’s about being brave enough to sit with yourself to find out what makes you happy and fulfilled, and be bold enough to state it out loud and put action behind it.”

The beauty aspect is about understanding the beauty of the outcomes in life, Drummond said.

“It will be beautiful because whatever happens will authentically be you,” she said.

Drummond hopes summiting the seven second peaks will inspire others to tackle their own mountains.

“The seven summits are my mountains, but other people may want to bake the best brownies they can,” she said. “Life’s short. So let’s do what makes us happy, and encourage others to do the same thing.”

Visit to learn more about Jenn Drummond and track her progress of summiting the seven peaks.

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