Paws for Life preps two simultaneous adoption events |

Paws for Life preps two simultaneous adoption events

Paws for Life, a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization dedicated to helping homeless cats and dogs, will host a kitten shower and puppy adoption at Barking Cat on Sunday, April 17, from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. The nonprofit is asking the public for donations of KMR animal milk replacement, baby bottles, blankest and pet food. At the same time, Paw for Life will host a big-dog adoption event at PetCo. (Courtesy of Paws for Life)

Paws for Life wants the community to join its cause and they’ve got big plans for this weekend to accomplish exactly that.

The nonprofit, volunteer-run organization dedicated to helping homeless cats and dogs will host two adoption parties on Sunday, April 17.

One, which will combine a kitten shower and puppy adoption, will be held at Barking Cat, 6531 Landmark Dr., #C. The other, a big-dog adoption event, will be held across S.R. 224, at PetCo, 6030 Market St. #130.

Both events are free and will run from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m., said Paws for Life Executive Director Cathy Boruch.

"The kitten shower is like a baby shower and we’re inviting the public to come join us and bring something they can donate for our kittens and puppies," Boruch told The Park Record. "We need everything from KMR animal milk replacement to baby bottles, blankets, puppy pads, heating pads, puppy and kitten food, toys and anything really."

The big-dog adoption will not feature any fanfare, but the event is just as important, Boruch said.

"We wanted to keep the kittens and puppies separate from the big dogs," Boruch said. "And we hope people will come and participate in that as well."

Treasure Mountain Junior High School’s Leadership Class will also be at the Barking Cat according to Leadership teacher Julie Hooker.

"We have several student volunteers ready to support Paws for Life at the Barking Cat," Hooker said in an email.

The class has been busy raising money for Paws for Life through a program called "Creamies for Critters."

Students have been selling Creamies ice cream for $1 each.

"So far, after a day, we’ve raised $50," Hooker said. "In addition, each [TMJH] classroom is collecting money for Paws for Life until April 29. [On that day], the classroom that raised the most money will earn a donut for dogs party."

Even if people can’t bring any donations to the Barking Cat event, Boruch wants them to come anyway.

"We’re going to bring a bunch of puppies and kittens and have sign-ups for kitten and puppy fosters," she said. "We’ll also serve light refreshments."

Paws for Life’s fostering program is the backbone of the organization’s services, according to Boruch.

People interested in becoming a foster can visit Paws for Life’s website,, or email or

"We’ll send them back an application and put them in our database," Boruch said. "Once we have an animal that fits what they are looking for [we will] call them up."

Fosters not only house, feed and play with the animals, but also observe them and make note of any special needs.

"A great thing about the fosters is that they can give us so much information that we don’t see in a shelter environment," Boruch said. "That helps us place the animals in the proper home. Since we take care of all the medical, spay and neutering, all the foster needs to do is take care and love the animals and let us know how they are doing."

When an adoption event comes up, Paws for Life volunteers will retrieve the animals from the fosters.

"If the animal isn’t adopted out, the fosters take them back until the next event," Boruch said.

Spring is a crucial time for Paws for Life because it’s the season when there is an increase of kitten and puppy births, according to Boruch.

"Oftentimes we find ourselves in predicaments where community members will bring in litters of kittens that don’t have mothers," she explained. "The mother usually is presumably killed and these kittens need bottle feeding, which is an urgent situation."

In addition to the milk replacement, Paws for Life seeks volunteers to bottle-feed the unweaned kittens.

"These kittens need to be fed every few hours," Boruch said. "That’s such a huge commitment."

Paws for Life was founded in 2012 in order to work with the Heber Valley Animal Shelter.

"We helped them become a nationally recognized no-kill shelter," Boruch said. "We pulled the gas chamber and smashed it to smithereens a couple of summers ago."

Paws for Life has grown since then and operate all over Summit, Wasatch and Salt Lake counties.

"We have 200 volunteers and pull from shelters throughout the whole state," Boruch said. "We rescue roughly 1,000 animals a year and we host at least two off-site adoption events each month and place all of the sheltered animals into loving homes."

The nonprofit also hosts pet-training sessions.

"We work with owners and potential owners and teach them everything from how to prepare animals for the summer and the winter and things like that," Boruch said. "We also work with police departments and teach them how to approach strays."

Another big service is the feral cat program.

"We trap feral cats in our community twice a month and spay or neuter them," Boruch said. "We then clip their ears and release them back into the community."

Sometimes the cats are released in specific places.

"Because of the nature of the communities we live in, we have a lot of restaurants, resorts and motel and hotels where feral cat communities can survive and thrive," Boruch said. "We also release the cats on farms and other places where people want them for pest and rodent control."

Boruch is looking forward to Sunday’s two adoption events.

"We’ll be there and hope people come and visit," she said. "We hope people will ask questions, because we would like to share what we do with everyone."

Paws for Life Utah will present two simultaneous adoption events on Sunday, April 17, from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. A kitten shower and puppy adoption event will be held at Barking Cat, 6531 N. Landmark Dr. #C, at Kimball Junction, and an adult-dog adoption will be held at PetCo, across the S.R. 224 at 6030 Market St. #130. For more information, visit

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