Photographer Webster honored by Secretary of State John Kerry |

Photographer Webster honored by Secretary of State John Kerry

Fine art photographer Bret Webster, owner of Bret Webster Images gallery on Main Street, was recently honored by the U.S. State Department’s Art in Embassies program.

Webster, whose works are also on display at Cisero’s Ristorante (see story titled "Cisero’s Ristorante showcases Bret Webster’s photographs") and 14 other artists were invited to Washington, D.C., for a luncheon last January.

"We had lunch with Secretary of State John Kerry and a bunch of senators, dignitaries as well as the ambassador from China in the Ben Franklin Room," Webster said. "That place has the second-largest collection of American art."

During the luncheon, Webster heard presentations about the importance of art’s role in diplomacy.

"It appeared there were two tiers of artists," Webster said. "Seven or eight of them, including May Lim, who created the Vietnam War Memorial, received a medal of arts."

The others, including Webster, didn’t receive medals, but were honored because their works are hanging in U.S. Embassies around the world.

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Webster’s photographs of Utah can be seen in Kuwait, Tunisia, North Africa, and Mauritania, West Africa.

"Panels of people survey and select photographs from artists from the United States and then these pieces have to be approved by the different ambassadors," said Webster, who has been invited on speaking tours in the Middle East and Africa."

The evening after the luncheon, Webster and the other artists attended a cocktail party at the Blair House.

"This is the place where the heads of state stay when they visit Washington," Webster said. "To walk around that place was incredible. I was in awe and tried not to make a fool of myself."

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