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Plenty offers peer-to-peer retreats

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Jennifer Mulholland, left, and Jeff Shuck have combined their efforts and formed Plenty, a new consulting organization that will help nonprofits, for-profits, idealists, leaders and entrepreneurs to attain their goals through wellbeing workshops and retreats at their new HeartSpace venue.

Jeff Shuck and Jennifer Mulholland are on a mission.

They want to connect, support and inspire idealists to create massive positive change. So, they combined their efforts and formed Plenty, a new consulting organization that will help nonprofits, for-profits, idealists, leaders and entrepreneurs to attain their goals.

To do that, Shuck and Mulholland laid out a couple of concepts during an interview with The Park Record.

“The first one is that hope needs help,” Shuck said. “We see it every day and its all around us. We see it on the news, hear it on the radio and read about it in the paper. There is work that needs to be done and the change won’t happen on its own.”

The second is the concept of plenty, where the two culled their endeavors name.

“We define plenty as being abundance, hope, healing, happiness, unity and oneness,” Mulholland said. “We believe in a world that has plenty for everyone and its out there, waiting to be unlocked.

“We aren’t here to compete with each other, which we have been told and fed, but to compete with the scarcity mindset,” she said. “In our services and experiences, we come from the perspective that there are plenty of resources.”

Shuck and Mulholland want to share their vision through peer-to-peer events.

“We work with change makers in the nonprofit space and forward-looking business owners to help them articulate how they can be better people and how they can translate that into better teams and better strategies,” Shuck said.

“We have an incredible team in Park City, Chicago and Raleigh, North Carolina, to bring this all to life,” Mulholland said. “We have a services arm where we do consulting on site.”

However, Shuck and Mulholland will also offer consulting and leadership retreats at their new venue HeartSpace, located at 4343 N. S.R. 224.

“HeartSpace allows us to do work in a more intimate and personal level,” Mulholland explained. “It allows us to take people out of their offices in the [city] and bring them to place that is quiet and contemplative. And that allows them to unpack their notions.”

“We always say that fundraising issues are strategy issues and strategy issues are leadership issues and leadership issues are wellbeing issues,” Shuck said. “Take anything from marketing to sales to human resources and go up the chain and you find a leader who is not feeling whole or doesnt understand his or her values, but wants to understand his or her purpose. To start organizational change, you need to start with personal change.

That’s why HeartSpace is essential to Plenty’s mission, according to Mulholland.

“We created HeartSpace to service the local community as well as idealists and leaders from nonprofit, for-profit and social causes,” she said. “We want them to come into the beauty of Park City and we are fortunate to have this space to create intimate, conscious conversations and connections. And that facilitates personal growth and human transformation.

Plenty has planned four upcoming retreats at HeartSpace.

  • Lantern: Illuminating the Leaders Journey, Aug. 1 to Aug. 4
  • Meridian: Connecting to the Heart of Strategy, Aug. 15 to Aug. 18
  • Empyrian: The Idealist Retreat, Sept. 19 to Sept. 22
  • Lumeria: A Wellbeing Weekend, Oct. 19 to Oct. 22

Mulholland, who founded the peer-to-peer wellbeing organization Healthy Happy Human Beings, said her experience with that organization showed her the power of human interaction.

Through Healthy Happy Human Beings (H3B), Mulholland created healthy, happy hubs in cities nationwide by educating, connecting and empowering health-seeking individuals, healthcare providers and wellness-minded businesses.

“I learned the power of human interaction and the power of empowering people to share what worked for them,” she said. “I found that building this idealist community by empowering people to share their best practices, knowledge and wisdom related to leadership is the way of the future. [Jeff and I] believe this is the new paradigm and we are helping that paradigm come into reality.”

“We try to share with our clients that we need to have vision,” Shuck said. “We need to have faith, but we don’t necessarily have to focus on the to-do list or the monthly goals that just stress us out.

Mulholland and Shuck, who have known each other for more than 20 years, reconnected a year-and-a-half ago and talked about creating a new consulting endeavor.

“This was an outgrowth of another consulting firm, like Healthy Happy Human Beings was for Jennifer,” Shuck said. “I used peer-to-peer methods to connect people in the fundraising space and H3B was using peer-to-peer to connect people with the well-being space.

“I realized a lot of the fundraising issues were also leadership and well-being issues,” he said. “At the same time, I think that Jen realized that a lot of the well-being issues she was dealing with on an individual level were with people who were working in organizations that had strategy and leadership challenges.”

For more information about Plenty Consulting and its leadership retreats, visit

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