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Pop singer OSTON, of Park City, plays homecoming show in Utah in support of her new EP

OSTON, also known as Park City’s Austin Wolfe, has released her debut EP, “Sitting at the Kids’ Table.” She will perform Saturday, Aug. 24, at Kilby Court in Salt Lake City.
Courtesy of Ross Feighery

What: OSTON, Bri Ray and Adam Turley

When: 9 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 23

Where: Kilby Court, 741 S. Kilby Ct. in Salt Lake City

Cost: $10

Web: ticketfly.com; ostonmusic.com

OSTON, known to friends, family and viewers of “American Idol” as Park City’s Austin Wolfe, is ready to sing a homecoming concert.

Wolfe, a top-30 finalist in the 13th season of “American Idol,” will perform on Friday, Aug. 23, at Kilby Court in Salt Lake City. Her friends Bri Ray and Adam Turley will open the concert.

“It’s going to be a full-on pop concert,” Wolfe said during a phone call from Chicago, where she’s been studying music and business at Columbia College. “The last time people saw me perform in Utah, I was doing adult contemporary, but I’m doing all pop.”

Wolfe’s setlist will be composed mostly of tunes from her six-song extended play, “Sitting at the Kids’ Table,” which was released earlier this month.

The EP features her four singles — “Bad,” “Give Up,” “Nobody Cares” and “Way We Say Goodbye” — as well as two additional songs, “Leading Me On” and “Last Time.”

“I’ll play those and some new songs,” she said. “I’m excited for people to come see the show. I hope a lot of friends will be there. I would like to see some family.”

Releasing the EP was a dream come true, albeit a challenging one, for the singer.

“It’s funny because I always wondered how it worked with musicians and records,” Wolfe said. “I knew they put out a record and then went on tour, but what I didn’t see was all behind the scenes when these artists were doing interviews, writing new songs and recording the music. I also didn’t realize that they would be in production banging their heads against the wall.”

After experiencing all of those things, Wolfe is ready to do them all over again.

“It feels like I’m at a jumping-off point, because I have my first full project out,” she said. “But this is just a start. I’m starting to book more shows, and I’m starting to work on new singles for my next project.”

When Wolfe booked the Kilby Court show, she knew she needed a couple of opening acts, so she asked Ray and Turley if they were available.

Wolfe met Turley in Los Angeles.

“I was doing a radio interview a while ago, and I talked about Utah,” she said. “Well, there was this guy in the lobby who said he was from Utah, and it turned out to be Adam. I decided to see what he was up to, and he hopped on board.”

Wolfe has known Ray since they were kids, and that bond strengthened when Ray auditioned for the final season of “American Idol.”

“She’s from Orem, and I’m so grateful I can share the ‘American Idol’ thing with her,” Wolfe said.

The homecoming show also comes in the middle of Wolfe’s move to Los Angeles.

“I knew I’d be driving to L.A., and I knew I was going to have a few days in Utah,” she said. “So I wanted to be with friends and family and do a show. I wanted to show people what I had been working on for the past four years.”

Wolfe will also host a listening party on Aug. 22. The event is by invitation only, and her fans can contact her for an invitation by visiting her Facebook page.

“It’s just something fun for me to do,” she said about the party.

Wolfe has wanted to sing since she was in elementary school, and she sang on the Deer Valley stage for the first time with local, award-winning singer and songwriter Mary Beth Maziarz.

“She taught me so much when I worked with her to developing my piano skills,” said Wolfe, who also worked on her voice with Debra Cook at the Utah Conservatory.

“I am so thankful and lucky to be from an incredible hometown,” Wolfe said. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to come back. I want to hug everyone and say, ‘I love you guys.’”

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