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Popular demand spurs publisher to create new cookbook

Both captures Park City’s culinary experience

A year ago, Lauren Nadler, publisher and creative director of Park City Publishing, put together a cookbook called "From the Restaurants of Park City: A Mountain Town's Cookbook."

"Visiting Park City is filled with food and adventure in every season -– whether hiking, biking, or skiing," Nadler told The Park Record. "The town has so many great restaurants ranging from country farm styles to local and international styles."

The book featured interviews with the chefs, historic photos and write-ups of 19 Park City restaurants that include four or five recipes for each of them.

It also won an Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY).

"That was exciting for us," Nadler said. "I've been in publishing for years and have won awards for magazine designs, but to have an award for a book that I've solely done was rewarding."

Nadler wasn't planning on creating a sequel, but at the urging of additional restaurants, she decided to publish "More! From the Restaurants of Park City: A Mountain Town's Cookbook" that will be available next week.

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"The new book features 19 new recipes and most of the restaurants, out of the 21 that are featured, are not in the first book," Nadler said.

One new entry is from Adolph's, which has been part of the Park City culinary community for more than 30 years.

"That's neat because that entry shows that some restaurants have staying power," Nadler said.

One of the newbies is Woodland Biscuit Company.

"That's fun because Adolph's is the first entry and Woodland Biscuit Company is the last page," Nadler said.

"More! From the Restaurants of Park City" follows the same format as the first, but does include some minor tweaks.

"I did change the colors, photos and wording," Nadler said. "But I kept the background the same."

A new addition is the inclusion of wine and beer pairings for a variety of dishes.

"A few of the restaurants had wine specialists (sommeliers) who provided us with these pairings," Nadler said. "A few restaurants had wine lists but left the pairings up to us. so we brought in a sommelier from New York, who just happens to be my son Cameron, to help."

As with the first book, the second features a map that points out the restaurants.

"You will also see icons on each page that indicate the type of recipe featured — appetizer, entrée and things like that," Nadler said. "It's fun because people who bought the first book have gone to restaurants that are in the book and asked the chefs to sign them, so we're hoping that will happen with this one."

While some restaurants submitted their own photos, all the pictures were taken in Park City.

"Some were taken by various photographers including myself, Pat Cone, Phil Archbold and my friend Frances Morgan," Nadler said.

The goal of both books is for people to take the Park City culinary experience home.

"I like that people who like one of our Park City restaurants can have a night of food and drink pairings from that restaurant," Nadler said. "And while they are enjoying the tastes, they can read about the restaurants."

"More! From the Restaurants of Park City: A Mountain Town's Cookbook" will be available at Cole Sports, Deer Valley Signature Stores, Jans Mountain Recreation Experts, La Niche Gourmet & Gifts, Rooted and Park City Mercantile. For more information, or to pre order, visit parkcitypublishing.com.