Question and answer with artist Susan Swartz about the Winter Art Salon |

Question and answer with artist Susan Swartz about the Winter Art Salon

Submitted by the Kimball Art Center

"Landscape of Resonance" is one of Susan Swartz's works that will be included in the Kimball Art Center's Winter Art Salon. Swartz, an internationally renowned, Park City-based artist helped organize the event. (Image courtesy of the artist)

Why did you want to be involved in the Winter Art Salon?

To support the fantastic work and community service of the Kimball Art Center! I taught high school art for a number of years and I experienced the benefits that visual arts exposure brings to educating and developing a whole person. With their diverse exhibits and classes, the Kimball has been an integral part of the BEST of Park City for over 35 years. Our community needs for the Kimball to continue to thrive and grow with us.

What do you think is unique about this event?

The artists! Imagine the jewelry of two world class jewelers, the sculpture of the world’s premiere glass artist, the lithographs of a talented prince, and the artistic legacy of one of the world’s greatest leaders brought together for a few days on top of our local mountain. I am thrilled to be in their company!

Describe the work you will have as part of the event.

I am showing a mixture of recent and older work. As a landscape artist, I am always seeing new ways to represent light, color, heat, form, patterns. My lifetime of work has been a progressive commentary on the natural world—hoping to inspire people to experience its wonder and to share in our collective responsibility of intelligent stewardship. While my recent work is completely abstract, it is still grounded in nature. Over the past two years I have been working on several series: "Landscape of Resonances," "Creation" and "Nature’s Mirage." Paintings from each series will be in The Winter Art Salon.