Robyn Cage’s ‘Fallout’ inspired by argument aftermath |

Robyn Cage’s ‘Fallout’ inspired by argument aftermath

Imagine an angsty love song about an intense argument that left both parties wondering if their relationship would survive.

Then imagine the song as a music video that depicted a zombie apocalypse that gets progressively worse during the verses and chorus.

This is the premise of Robyn Cage’s new single, “Fallout,” which just happen to make its Internet debut a few days before Halloween.

The video, which will also be screened during the 12th annual Filmmaker Showcase on Thursday, Nov. 9, at the Park City Library’s Jim Santy Auditorium, was directed by Parkite Bryce Johnson of GOBIG films and shot near Stansbury Island in the Great Salt Lake, in mid-October.

Cage said it was one of the quickest videos she has ever made.

“The goal was to keep it easy, because we needed a fast edit if we wanted to release it before Halloween,” Cage said during a Park Record interview. “We shot it on Oct. 20 and we had a real small crew.”

Other than Johnson’s assistant and a makeup artist, Cage performed with two of her bandmates — drummer Zac Bryant and background vocalist/bassist Callie Crofts.

Even the Cage’s bridal gown costume was a happy accident.

“Callie used it for one of her music videos and happened to have it in her trunk,” Cage said. “She told me she was going to [donate it] to Deseret Industries, but I thought a zombie bride would be more fun than a a normal zombie, so I asked her if I could destroy it, and she said yes.”

After filming for most of the day, the property owner arrived.

“We had filmed half the video, but didn’t have any of the final scenes,” Cage said. “We thought we were going to get kicked off the property, but the owner was the nicest man who told us the video looked and sounded cool. He was totally awesome and allowed us to keep filming.”

The video concept was born after Cage attended the Odyssey Dance Theatre’s production of “Thriller” at the Egyptian Theatre.

“They had all of these zombies in the lobby before the performance, and I saw this girl with zombie makeup that was so convincing that I almost passed out,” Cage said. “I couldn’t get it out of my head, and thought I could do a zombie video.”

Cage called Johnson a few minutes later and told him her idea.

“Within a few days, we started shooting,” she said with a laugh. “I liked the idea that it was a fun concept on a serious song.”

The song “Fallout” has been in Cage’s back pocket for nearly two years.

“It was one of the first songs I wrote when I went spent a few days in the desert on sabbatical,” she said. “It’s stayed one of my favorites.”

Cage recorded it in March with producer Caleb Loveless, who is known professionally as COAV.

After Cage fleshed out all she could on the piano, she referred to other song examples she liked.

“I’d tell Caleb that I like the sound of the drums on this song and I liked the layered synthesizers on this other song and the groove and instrumentation on another song,” she said. “He’d put together a track and then I’d pick and choose the things I liked.”

A few weeks later, Jarryd Wark, a local producer and the drummer for the Patwa Reggae Band, created a remix of “Fallout.”

“Some different things happened to the song with the remix,” Cage said. “Jarryd actually cut two lines from the bridge, and had the song go right into the chorus.”

As soon as Cage heard the arrangement, she knew Wark made the right decision.

“I was never comfortable with those two lines, but it never occurred to me to cut them out,” Cage said with a laugh. “So Caleb and I went back to the song, and we cut out the lines and remastered it.”

A few weeks after that, another local producer, Wyatt Schmidt, put together another remix.

“This one is so different than Jarryd’s, but I love them both, and hope to release them later,” Cage said.

“Fallout” will be featured on Cage’s upcoming album, “Slow the Devil”, which will be released in January.

“The album is finished and I’m excited about it,” she said.

Meanwhile, the video can be seen on Youtube and Cage’s Facebook page (

Cage will also perform the song live with Croft and Bryant this Saturday at The Cabin on Lower Main Street.

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