Scarecrow Festival tickets are on sale now |

Scarecrow Festival tickets are on sale now

The Halloween season is a month away and that means tickets for the annual Park City Scarecrow Festival are on sale now.

The event will be held at McPolin Farm on Saturday, Sept. 19, from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m., but tickets always sell out quickly, said Denise Carey, who manages the farm for Park City.

"Tickets are $45 and that is up to a group of four, whether it’s a mom and dad and two kids, or a mom and three kids, a dad and three kids or mom and mom and two kids, whatever group they want to put together," Carey told The Park Record. "The ticket price includes three pumpkins, drinks and cookies, scarecrow support and straw for one scarecrow and twine that can be used to tie the scarecrow onto the supports.

"The supports are PVC pipes and we will put them in place the day before the festival, so people will just need build their scarecrows on them," she said. "We used to fill the scarecrow with plastic bags from the grocery store, but since we want to be green, we provide straw for the filling."

Those who purchase tickets should make sure they bring the clothing or costumes for their scarecrows and something that can be used to attach the head to the body, according to Carey.

"The event will also feature face painting, pumpkin painting, and games and prizes," she said. "All the money will go back to the farm for maintenance and upkeep."

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In addition to the 45 tickets for families, the Scarecrow Festival is also offering non-event tickets that pre-schools and other big groups can purchase.

These tickets can be purchased by contacting a volunteer named Haley at 435-901-3390.

"The larger groups build their scarecrows off-site and bring them to the setup after the festival ends at 4 p.m. on Sept. 19," Carey said. "We save them a spot on the trail and they can do the rest."

The possibilities are endless when it comes to a scarecrow theme, she said.

"We have a breast-cancer survival scarecrow, we’ve had the rock band Kiss and Star Wars," Carey said. "It’s amazing what people come up with their themes. Kids are really imaginative.

"I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t a Donald Trump scarecrow this year," she said. "I remember seeing some presidential candidates in the past and just thought about Donald Trump, with the comb-over hair."

The one thing Carey asks is that the scarecrows don’t advertise any businesses or companies.

"If that happens, we have to take them down," she said. "We haven’t had any problems with that, but this is just a reminder."

Another reminder is the limited parking at McPolin Farm.

"While there is a lot across the street with an underground trail access to the farm, we do ask that people take public transportation, carpool or have someone drop them off," Carey said. "Some people put their things in wheelbarrows or a wagon and walk down the trail, but most people can fit their materials in bags."

The scarecrows will be on display until Oct. 23.

"We like to get them down before Halloween because it always seems to snow the week of Halloween and the scarecrows are hard to take down when they are frozen and wet," Carey said. "A lot of people will take down their own scarecrows at that time because they can take them home and put them up in their yards for their own Halloween decoration."

Tickets for the annual Park City Scarecrow Festival are on sale now at the PC MARC, 1200 Little Kate Rd. Tickets can also be purchased online by visiting . Non-event tickets can be purchased by calling Haley at 435-901-3390. For more information, email