Seminar will focus on life’s positives |

Seminar will focus on life’s positives

Elaine D. Burke and her sister Karen B. Wolfe want to help people to be positive.

The two are licensed Heal Your Life workshop leaders and will host a self-improvement seminar called "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life" at the Yarrow Hotel on Saturday, Sept. 21.

The event workshops, which are produced by Heart Inspired Presentations, are based on the writings and philosophy of Louise L. Hay, one of the founders of the self-help movement, said Burke during a telephone interview from Sheridan, Wyo.

"The whole idea is if you change from thinking negatively to positively, you can make your life better," Burke said. "My sister and I teach people how to feel good about themselves, and how to love themselves and how to be grateful in a number of ways."

One way is called mirror work.

"We have people look into the mirror and into their own eyes and say, ‘I love you. I really love you,’" Burke said. "Believe it or not, that can be very hard for some people to do that, because a lot of people don’t love themselves."

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Another way Burke and Wolfe help people is by working with their inner child.

"Many of the workshop participants hold bad experiences that they have had deep inside themselves," Burke said. "We try to help them get rid of negative messages and negative emotions that stem from those experiences.

"Let’s face it, bad things happen to good people, but it’s not about what happens to you, but how you react to it," she said. "Sometimes people will get into a depressed state and go around feeling sorry for themselves, but when you really look at life, pain is inevitable, but misery is optional."

Pain, Burke said, is a part of everyone’s experience on Earth.

"The catch is that we don’t have to let it destroy us," she said. "We can work through the pain and still be happy."

One of Burke’s favorite workshops is called Coulds and Shoulds.

"That’s when we all make a list of the things we should do, such as losing weight or eating more fruit or exercising more often, and then get with a partner and go over the list," she said. "When you say, ‘I should eat more fruit,’ the partner will ask why and you will have to explain why.

"Afterwards, you will go back and rewrite the list, but instead of writing ‘should,’ you write ‘could,’" Burke said. "This helps us to see that we’re in control of our lives. If we really want to change things, we can."

The classes top out at 16 people.

"We want the people to feel we’re all connected and working together so they can get the most out of things," Burke said. "We have them work with partners and then switch off every time we have a break. That way we all get to know the others who are also in the room, so it’s not like my sister and I are just lecturing. We work with each other in fun activities and exercises that help us to love ourselves."

Burke and Wolfe got involved with Heal Your Life after they attended a conference in Orlando, Fla., five years ago.

"We took a course that certified and licensed us to teach the philosophy," Burke said. "We’re very excited to come to Park City. We teach all over the country and have never taught there. So it should be fun."

Certified Heal Your Life instructors Elaine Burke and her sister Karen Wolfe will host a self-improvement workshop, based on the philosophy of Louise Hay. Register by calling (801) 627-8886 or (307) 673-7321. Cost is $89. For more information, visit .