Sharing the love on Valentine’s Day |

Sharing the love on Valentine’s Day

The tradition of Valentine’s Day, which always falls on Feb. 14, is to exchange cards, candy, flowers and jewelry with loved ones.

What some people don’t realize is that Valentine’s Day, according to various historians, has a complicated past.

Some claim the date reaches back to the fifth century and coincided with the Roman holiday, Lupercalia, which was observed between Feb. 13 and 15.

Most agree that the day was named after two Christian martyrs who were executed by Emperor Claudius II on Feb. 14, on two different years in the Third Century, B.C. and sainted by the Catholic Church.

Whatever the origins, most everyone agrees that Valentine’s Day is a time to show love.

The Swaner EcoCenter’s Stephanie Cooper, Mary Janes’ Lori Harris and Lululemon’s Christopher Bova spoke with The Park Record to share their thoughts and tips about this special day.

Stephanie Cooper: Love the one you’re with

Cooper is the staff assistant at the Swaner EcoCenter and looks at Valentine’s Day a bit differently than the traditional romantic.

"Valentine’s Day is a time you spend with people you love, whether that’s a significant other, family members or friends," Cooper said. "It’s a day to be with those people. If you’re in a relationship then the significant other is the perfect person to spend that time with.

"If you don’t have a significant other, then there’s no reason to not enjoy the day," she said. "My thing is that it won’t matter if I go out on a date or spend time with my sister or a friend. I’m good with any of those options."

Cooper has some ideas of how she would like to spend Valentine’s Day this Saturday.

"In terms of something that I would love to do this year is something fun the Swaner EcoCenter is doing – the Valentine’s Day snowshoe excursion," she said. "I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll have snow. I thought that would be a fun idea for a date."

Still, if Cooper doesn’t get to the EcoCenter, which is located at 1258 Center Dr. at Kimball Junction, she has other options.

"I also thought about going up to the mountains to go snowshoeing and have a picnic," she said. "I think it would be great to get outside into the nice weather." In the past, Cooper has enjoyed other activities including the staple dinner and movie, and she rarely expects a present.

"I usually don’t receive gifts on Valentine’s Day," she said. "It’s just been mostly going out to dinner."

However, Cooper remembered one of her favorite Valentine’s Day presents, and it wasn’t a diamond or ruby.

"A long time ago, one of my significant others gave me rock-climbing shoes, which I was really excited about," she said. "That was a wonderful gift."

Lori Harris: Wine and dine romantic

Harris, owner of Mary Jane’s, a clothing boutique at 613 Main St., is more of a traditionalist when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

Her ideal Valentine’s Day would be filled with romance and a fun night on the town.

"[I would like to start] Valentine’s Day evening at St. Regis, with champagne on the deck and then dinner on Main Street," she said. "I love Riverhorse, Handle or Prime."

Dinner would be followed by a stop into Silver for an artisan cocktail and a spin on the

dance floor with DJ Dolph.

"Who doesn’t love a man who isn’t afraid to dance," Harris said.

The night would end a home with a final glass of bubbly and a dip in the hot tub under the stars.

Christopher Bova: Be sure to have a backup plan

Bova, martial artist and educator at Lululemon, 333 Main St., takes a, yet, entirely different approach to what he would like to do this Saturday.

"The ultimate Valentines Day date is one subject I have put little to zero thought into, but when asked to give my opinion of what a date my entail, it got me thinking," he said in an email. "The generic response would be to pick up a gorgeous woman who I have enjoyed past dates with or if I were in a relationship, taking my sweetheart out to a intimate evening starting with dinner, sharing some over priced wine and concluding the evening with some dancing and laughing in each others arms However through my eyes and giving this a bit more thought I feel it necessary I give some build up or foundation if you will to the date itself."

The day would begin with a relationship with his alarm and snooze button, coffee and yoga.

"I head home to rinse off before heading to Billy’s Barber Shop so Billy can trim up my hair and give me a hot shave," Bova said. "I have to look as dapper as possible for the one-day a year you might find me in anything other than board shorts, flip flops and a beanie.

"I call to try and get some last minute reservations at Fletcher’s, Chimayo, Handle, and River Horse, all with no luck," he said. "I guess it is hard to get a reservation to some of the best restaurants in Park City just a few hours prior. Not a problem I will just have to change it up a bit and take my lady for some of the best fish tacos in all of Summit County, El Chubasco."

Since his car battery is dead, he takes the bus to his date’s home.

"I tell her how beautiful the weather is and suggest taking a stroll to dinner instead putting those pollutants into the air from a motor vehicle," he said. "She agrees and we head off into the brisk 55 degree February evening. To her surprise and delight we sit and have exceptional service while we enjoy the plethora of salsas and deep fried fish tacos."

After dining and beer, the couple would take a cab to Downstairs.

"I proceed to dance feeling like Justin Timberlake, however the look on her face would insist that I look more like a baby giraffe learning how to walk," Bova said. "With all that being said, I am single and would love to take any interested ladies out for a romantic evening this Saturday."

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