Singer, songwriter and producer Jody Whitesides working on many projects |

Singer, songwriter and producer Jody Whitesides working on many projects

Parkite plans to release video, new single

When singer, songwriter and producer Jody Whitesides says he’s busy, it’s not hyperbole.

Earlier this year, the Park City-based music man was asked to write and perform the theme music to A&E’s “Nightwatch New Orleans,” and then write a new one for the show’s spin off, “Nightwatch Tampa.”

A few weeks ago, he recently released the single “American Mayhem,” the follow up to “Thump Thump Thump” and is currently working on a new tune, “Rise Up.”

In addition, he’s producing music for some local artists.

“I did a recording with Alicia Stockman on a song called ‘This Time,’” Whitesides said during a Park Record interview. “It’s beautiful.”

The producer also worked with songwriter Bill McGinnis on a tune called “Elf on My Shelf” and is gearing up to work with Elizabeth Hareza.

“With Bill, I used a different technique to make sure the timing was right,” Whitesides said. “I recorded him playing and then adjusted the timing and then had him play to that recording. So, he was essentially playing to himself.”

Park City High School student Caleb Rutowski was also there during the sessions and laid some tracks down on his sousaphone.

“That was fun because I’ve never recorded a sousaphone player,” Whitesides said. “The instrument is huge, and not being totally familiar with it, I heard all of these little clicks when I went to mix the song.”

At first Whitesides thought something was wrong with the recording.

“I later found out that those clicks were his fingers smacking the keys on the sousaphone,” he said.

One of the things Whitesides likes when working with local artists is the sit-down talk they have before they start recording.

“That way we can talk about the process and what I expect of them,” he said. “I think that helps a lot. It prepares them and lets them know what they will get out of the process as well.”

In between those sessions, Whitesides was able to compose, record and submit his themes for “Nightwatch Tampa.”

“Apparently, the producers decided not to stick with the same theme that I did for ‘Nightwatch New Orleans,’ because they asked me to write some new music.”

Whitesides recorded two new themes.

“One is a hip-hop variance of the original theme where I reimagined the main guitar riff,” he said. “The other is based around the same concept, but done with out stealing from myself.”

They producers told Whitesides they liked elements from both submissions.

“Then they asked me to remix the original theme from ‘Nightwatch New Orleans,’ using the instrumentation from the new ones,” he said. “So, I went back and changed out the sounds, which was good because I don’t record specific amps anymore. I record everything direct and then affect the sound afterwards in the recoding process and production process.”

The new version kept the original’s intent, but featured a new vibe that matched the vibe of Tampa, Florida.

“I’m waiting to find out which one they go with,” he said. “I’m sure there will be one or two more edits before it’s all finalized.”

While that is in the works, Whitesides is working simultaneously on two new projects.

One is a video for “American Mayhem” and the next is a new song called “Rise Up.”
He’s planning on releasing both next month.

“I want to borrow the concept for the ‘Walking Dead’ Season Six trailer for the ‘American Mayhem’ video,” Whitesides said.

The song “American Mayhem” originally started eight years ago as an instrumental.

“I wrote it when I lived in L.A. for a hip-hop documentary,” Whitesides said. “The film was never made, and since I owned the music, I decided to keep it for myself.”

During that time, hip-hop artists would come into Whitesides studio and he would play them the track.

“I was looking for an artist that would be able to use it,” he said. “There was one girl who came up with a track for it, but it didn’t quite sit right with me, so I didn’t pursue a release.”

After letting the track sit for a while, Whitesides wrote his own lyrics.

“Lyrically speaking, I do think it is politically inclined, but I wouldn’t call it a political song,” he said.

A few moths ago, he and producer George Leger III finished it up and released it.

As for the song “Rise Up,” Whitesides intends to release it on Inaugural Day, Jan. 20.

“While the song has nothing to do with the President-elect himself, it is a protest song or a call-to-action song,” Whitesides said. “I’ve been writing this song for a while and decided to put it into high gear and finish it. I’m almost to the point where I can start recording vocals.”

In the meanwhile, Whitesides is looking forward to the Sundance Film Festival.
“I would like to find some places to play during the festival,” he said.

For more information about Jody Whitesides, visit His songs are available on Apple Music, Spotify and his website.

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