South Summit Aquatics Center provides blocks to chalk |

South Summit Aquatics Center provides blocks to chalk

Scott Iwasaki
The South Summit Aquatics & Fitness Center will host its first Chalk a Block contest on Friday, June 20, where the public will use sidewalk chalk to create art on the pool patio. (Park Record file photo)

The South Summit Aquatics & Fitness Center offers swimming classes and open plunges for people to keep cool throughout the summer.

This year, the staff is offering a new activity to nurture creativity.

On Friday, June 20, the center, located at 350 E. 200 South in Kamas, will host Chalk a Block, a sidewalk-chalk competition, from 10 a.m. until noon.

"This is for anyone who wants to bring their creativity over here and draw a picture on our patio outside of our swimming pool," said Kelly Jacobs, aquatic director for the South Summit Aquatics & Fitness Center. "We thought it would be fun to utilize the patio a little more. It’s huge and we thought people would enjoy coming to the center to do other things than just swim."

The blocks are quite large, Jacobs said, and measure close to four-feet by four-feet.

"We have 20 blocks that will be set aside to chalk up," she said. "There will still be room for people to walk around and look at the art."

Each block will cost $5.

"We will give each person or people who purchased the block a basket of sidewalk chalk and they will be able to draw anything they want," Jacobs said. "The drawings will be judged later in the day and there will be a lot of prizes given out."

The staff isn’t quite sure what the prize categories will be, but will have that ironed out by Friday.

"We have talked about handing out prizes per age, and we’ve talked about handing out prizes based on the drawing’s subject matter," she said. "I would love to see creativity and artistic ability, but we also know that we’ll have younger kids drawing pictures."

The staff will put numbers on each block, so judges will not know who the artists are to make the contest fair, Jacobs said.

Registration for Chalk a Block is being accepted until Thursday, June 19. People can register in person at the center or online by visiting

"Also, there is no limit to how many blocks someone can purchase," Jacobs said. "They can pay for as many blocks as they want as long as they draw something."

The idea for Chalk a Block formed last autumn during a staff meeting.

"We were trying to come up with some new fun activities," Jacobs said. "I said that I love going to cities where they chalk up the sidewalks in parks and shopping centers and that gave us the idea.

"I know they do this sort of thing in Salt Lake and have displayed chalk art at the Gateway Center down there," she said. "We just thought it would brighten up our place a bit."

Friday’s event will mark the debut of South Summit Aquatics & Fitness Center’s Chalk a Block contest, and it won’t be the last.

"We’re definitely going to do it at least a second time," Jacobs promised. "We hope people will sign up and enjoy themselves, because we have a unique space out here and it needs some lightening up."

To register for the South Summit Aquatics & Fitness Center’s Chalk a Block contest, visit the center at 350 E. 200 South in Kamas or visit their website at . For more information, call 435-783-2423.


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