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Spiritual Center of Park City will host community celebration

A few months ago the Unity Fellowship Movement started to streamline and began identifying congregations around the world who were truly considered Unity congregations.

Although the Park City-based Unity Spiritual Center had been affiliated with the Unity Fellowship Movement for more than 30 years, it never chartered as an official congregation.

So, it changed its name to the Spiritual Center of Park City, according to Reverend Robin Nygaard.

"We were a little group that identified with much of their teachings, but didn’t really conform to what a Unity denomination was," Nygaard said during an interview with The Park Record. "It was a branding thing, and we didn’t fit that category."

To honor the name change and introduce itself to the community, the Spiritual Center of Park City will host a community celebration at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church on Saturday, May 30, from 4 p.m. until 6:30 p.m.

"We are celebrating a new identity and shooting to allow people an opportunity to see who we are in a way different than what they would typically experience," Nygaard explained. "The event will feature food, beverages and live music by musicians who are scheduled are part of our worship team."

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The performances will be presented by Bowden Beecher, Leraine Horstmanshoff, Kate MacLeod, Alicia McGovern and Anke Summerhill.

"They are all awesome musicians and have different flavors," Nygaard said. "They all bring their different gifts to the table and it’s wonderful to watch how their music unfolds at any given Sunday service."

Although the Spiritual Center of Park City sports a new name, the sessions of worship that are held in a multipurpose room at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church each Sunday is the same as it has been for the past four decades.

"Traditionally, our little fellowship has been a very open, nonconforming place of worship," Nygaard said. "We don’t put any preconceived expectations on what is right and wrong. If you believe that all paths lead to God, whether you’re Christian, Buddhist or Jewish, to name a few, you are welcome here.

"Anyone who would identify themselves as being on a spiritual journey is welcome here," she said. "This is a place for spirits to rest and refresh."

That said the Spiritual Center of Park City is a worship experience.

"It’s not a group like AA where you talk about what’s going on and receive support," Nygaard said. "It’s a place where people can come and experience the sacred of God and feel supported.

"For example, I’m an ordained Presbyterian minister, but that doesn’t dictate my understanding of how God speaks or works in people’s lives," she said. "As a leader, I draw from other resources across the world’s religions to celebrate worship."

Utilizing existing buildings for worship is called nesting.

"Members of St. Luke’s worships Sundays at 10:30 a.m. in the Sanctuary, and we worship at the same time in the building’s multipurpose room," Nygaard said. "However, our children share Sunday school and nursery experiences and I’m considered an adjunct to the St. Luke’s staff."

One of Nygaard’s messages is to encourage people to know what they believe and practice it.

"I believe faith and community is vital to our health," she said. "We are called to live as spiritual people in context of community. The depth of living happens in the community. We are a group of like-hearted people to grow and expand and navigate the changes in the world in a way that is balanced and graceful.

The Spiritual Center of Park City will host a celebration of community and music at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 4995 Silver Springs Dr., on Saturday, May 30, from 4 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. Admission is free. For more information, visit spiritualcenterofpc.org.