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Spiritual counselor and Threecrow coming to Park City

Marge Bowen, Submitted by Siraj Paletta of the Spirit of Guidance Center

"Grandmother" Barbara Threecrow is an "earth ways" teacher, an intuitive and spiritual counselor, and a sun-dancer.

She is author of several books, including "Mending the Hoop — Four Sacred Shields Twelve Sacred Paths and Return of the Sacred Feminine" and "Teachings of the Grandmothers."

Threecrow, who travels throughout the world as a teacher and ceremonial leader, will lead an Inipi [sweat lodge] ceremony on Nov. 5, and give an evening circle and talk on Nov. 6, at Park City Yoga, 1662 Bonanza Dr., from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

She will also offer an intensive workshop of sacred medicine teachings from Nov, 7 to Nov. 8 at the Spirit of Guidance Center at Wanship, a nonprofit organization and affiliate of the Sufi Order International, a holistic, interfaith school of spiritual awakening and transformation in the lineage of Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan.

The events, except for the sweat lodge ceremony that has already been filled, are open to the public. Space is limited. To register for the workshop and receive information on cost and location, please visit spiritofguidance.org/events.html or call 435-659-0761.

Threecrow’s journey to becoming a spiritual counselor began at birth. She was born with a caul or a veil; a piece of skin over her face.

In many cultures this is a sign of the gift of prophecy. And she has the gift of seeing auric fields, communicating with the other realm [spirit, guides and helpers of light] and psychic abilities.

Threecrow’s ancestors are Celtic, English and Nanticoke/Lenape. Her Grandmother was extremely gifted with psychic ability and was considered a seer and healer. She died when Barbara was only 10, leaving no one able to teach her the ways of dealing with unusual psychic abilities.

Having this kind of gift was confusing for a child, and Threecrow has spent her lifetime learning to understand it and is now able to see and interpret the energy and blocks in people.

She has been guided by spirit through prayer, meditation and sacred ceremonies to bring back the Sacred Circle so that the return of the Sacred Feminine and Grandmother’s Ways can once again be realized by people today.

In the fall of 1989, Threecrow was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was an experience that is often referred to as a two-by-four, something that hits a person over the head and offers a chance to awaken.

Through prayer and meditation, Threecrow found a deep stillness and inner peace that resulted in a vision that led her to search for a particular stone in the sacred mountains called the Manitou which translates to "sacred place, or place of spirit."

She was guided to see the meaning of this vision and the deeper connection to her lineage, and was directed to use the stone in a Tunka Hota Wyan Greystone Woman ceremony after which, confirmed by her physicians, the malignant breast cancer had disappeared.

Threecrow was then guided to meet her spiritual teacher, a Lakota holy man named Wallace Black Elk, and studied with him for over 14 years.

Authorized by Grandfather Black Elk, Threecrow has led sacred ceremonies in the Lakota tradition for 20 years, helping others recognize their spirit nature and find the true purpose in life so all can offer their own healing power in the world.

For more information, call Siraj Paeltta at 435-659-0761 or visit http://www.spiritofguidance.org.