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Squatters and Wasatch Brew Pub raised funds for food pantry

L-R: Wasatch Brew Pub's Stu Brown, Utahns Against Hunger's Mike Evans, Squatter's Roadhouse Grill's Doug Hofeling, Utahns Against Hunger's Gina Cornia, Hildegard Food Pantry's Lydia Herrera and the Christian Center of Park City's Rob Harter receive a check for $13,500 for Utah Against Hunger Thursday, June 5 at Wasatch Brewery. (Christopher Reeves/Park Record)

Part of the Christian Center of Park City’s mission is to be a community-focused resource center that helps improve the lives of people and communities through meeting immediate and basic needs.

One of those needs is food and the center has a food pantry in Park City and one in Heber to serve Summit and Wasatch Counties.

Two years ago, Squatters Roadhouse Grill and the Wasatch Brew Pub contacted Rob Harter, the Christian Center’s executive director, and proposed a fundraising program.

"They had originally found out that we are the food pantry for Park City and Summit County two years ago, and that some of their own employees have utilized us at times," Harter told The Park Record. "They were so thankful for that and wanted to bring some awareness to what we do."

So they started the Sweet Revenge on Hunger Challenge.

"What they did was throughout the month of April, anytime a guest at their restaurants ordered the guilt-free dessert, which is a black and tan brownie they make, the money was reserved to go to three different organizations — the Christian Center of Park City’s Food Pantry, Hildegard’s Food Pantry in Salt Lake City and Utahns Against Hunger, which is a statewide nonprofit organization," Harter said.

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This year, the program raised $13,500 that would be divided three ways, he said.

"This is a fun way to raise hunger awareness," Harter said.

In addition, the restaurants also held a little competition between themselves to see which restaurant could sell more desserts.

"That heightened the fun for the employees and it turned out the Wasatch Brew Pub has won the past couple of years," Harter said.

Last year, the Christian Center’s food pantry gave more than one million meals, which is roughly $1.5 million worth of food.

"We allow people to come twice a month to use the pantry, and it is astounding how much need there is," Harter said. "This is a hidden need, because lots of people still don’t think a food pantry is important for Park City, but there is a tremendous amount of people who live in the area that need it."

Many times these people who use the pantry don’t fit the stereotype.

"Some people think we serve only the homeless or the ones who aren’t working, but we serve many people who work full-time, or have two or sometimes three jobs who still can’t make ends meet," Harter said. "So having a food pantry available helps them stay afloat, and ultimately, we hope they are able to move on so they don’t have to depend on us."

In addition to Summit and Wasatch Counties, the Christian Center’s Food Pantry works with organizations that help refugees and inner-city families in Salt Lake.

"We also reach into the Goshute Indian reservation in Ibapah, near Wendover, and provide a mobile food pantry for them," Harter said. "So when people donate food to us, they are also helping people around the state, even the western-most area of Utah."

For more information, about the Christian Center of Park City, visit http://www.ccofpc.org.