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Statewide Day of Giving

Nate Vineyard , The Park Record
Love Utah Give Utah: On Friday, March 22 the Community Foundation of Utah will host a statewide 24-hour day of giving through one online portal

Eyeing the wildly successful Live PC Give PC day of giving in Park City last year, The Salt Lake City based Community Foundation of Utah has organized a statewide day of giving on Friday, March 22 to benefit 570 different nonprofit Utah organizations through a single online platform,

"We are using the same company as Live PC Give PC, but we will have 4 leaderboards instead of 1, showcasing small to large nonprofits and a separate leaderboard for schools and universities, with the total tally at the top. It will be very familiar to everyone in Summit County, but it will be statewide," said Fraser Nelson executive director of the Community Foundation of Utah.

Over 570 nonprofits are participating, including 20 nonprofits in Park City. Any individual can join in, with a minimum donation of $10.

"We’ve never done anything like this as a community since the Olympics," Nelson said. "Utah gives more, per capita, to any other state in the nation. It’s exciting to see how people will respond to this type of giving. We really are trying to grow a movement, to show the power of our nonprofit community."

How it works: starting on midnight on Friday, participants can make donations to any of the participating nonprofits at The minimum donation is $10. The donation will be tax deductible and 95 percent of each donation will go toward that nonprofit. The event organizer will receive 2.1 percent of the donation and the remaining 2.9 percent will go to the organization hosting the online event, the Razoo Foundation.

There are prizes for the leading nonprofits and matching grants from businesses and other organizations, as well as corresponding events happening across the state, like a sleepover in Moab.

On Friday, everyone can watch which nonprofit is collecting the most donations on the event’s homepage, and see the total amount generated by Utah residents.

Besides raising necessary funds for these nonprofits to continue with their efforts, the foundation hopes that this event will raise awareness about critical issues impacting the state, cultivate a younger generation of donors, and establish a permanent online fundraising system for nonprofits.

"One thing I think is important to know about Utah, is that we have one of the youngest populations, and we have one of the most wired populations," Fraser said. "We think that this kind of innovative way of introducing nonprofits to a younger generation is pretty exciting. We have about 570 different causes that are involved, so to show younger people the variety of these organizations is a great way to be introduced to the nonprofit community and to online giving."


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