Sundance eWait list will help festival goers with tickets |

Sundance eWait list will help festival goers with tickets

The Sundance Institute is always looking for ways to improve the guest experience during the Sundance Film Festival.

This year it will take on wait lists, said David Sabour, manager of ticking systems for the Institute.

Sabor and Jacqueline Landry, senior manager of the film festival’s theater operations, came up with an eWait list program that can be accessed online or though a smartphone.

"We call it the Mobile Enabled Website, because it’s technically not an app," Sabor said during an interview with The Park Record. "Now, there is more freedom to check into a wait list from anywhere really. This makes things simpler and easier."

The old system required people to physically show up to a venue two hours before screening times for a number, Sabor said.

"With the eWait list, you can check in within any two-hour window from any place that has Internet access," he said. "It will show you everything in a two-hour window and then you will get a number."

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People can sign up right now by visiting

"You type in your email address and create an account," Sabor said. "Once you sign in and create your account, the interface will show all the films that you can be put on the wait list for."

Beginning Jan. 16, filmgoers can register for screenings in Park City, and on Jan. 17, they can include Salt Lake screenings.

"You don’t have a smartphone [to do this]," Sabor said. "You can still do it from a computer or an iPad or a friends’ computer or go to the library to do it."

In addition, "wait listers" can add friends to their accounts as well.

"When you sign up for a screening, you will have an option to check in for friends as well, and you will get two numbers," Sabor said. "You will see your number and your friend will see their number that was assigned to them on their own device. That way, they can get in line together and see the film together."

The eWait list project started last spring.

"Our senior leadership came to us last April and told us to explore options of the ticket wait list," Sabor said. "We put our heads together and came up with an ideal system would look like and we think this is it."

In addition to the eWait list, the next best way to get tickets is to visit the Park City and Salt Lake box offices each morning.

"We post a list of the films that we’ll have tickets for on the doors of the box offices the night before and announce how many tickets we’ll have for each screening," said Heidi Bruce, manager of ticketing operations for the Sundance Film Festival. "We release day-of-show tickets at 8 a.m., and there is a four-ticket limit per screening."

Filmgoers will still be able to obtain tickets online throughout the festival as well.

"[They] can order tickets up to 36 hours out from the screening they wish to attend," she said. "The tickets that we offer online [during the festival] are the ones that people turn in when they need to exchange them. So they appear online randomly."

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