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Tadasana Studios preps 40-day yoga and meditation workshop

Jill Packham will co-facilitate the "40 Days to Personal Revolution" workshops with Sheri Fisher and Carol Magie that will begin on Monday. The workshops, based on Parkite Baron Baptiste's book "40 Days to Personal Revolution: A Breakthrough Program to Radically Change Your Body and Awaken the Sacred Within Your Soul" will feature weekly in-studio support meetings and four weeks of at-home practice. (Jake Shane/Park Record)

Tadasana Yoga and its owner Melissa Garland wants to bring about some change in people’s lives.

So, the studio’s instructors Jill Packham, Carol Magie and Sheri Fisher will help facilitate the change when they present a six-week workshop called "40 Days to Personal Revolution."

The program is based on world-renowned yoga instructor Baron Baptiste’s book "40 Days to Personal Revolution: A Breakthrough Program to Radically Change Your Body and Awaken the Sacred Within Your Soul."

The sessions will start with an introductory group meeting at Tadasana Yoga, 3156 Quarry Rd. at Jeremy Ranch on Monday, April 18.

The program is for people who want to create change in their physical and mental well-being as well as those who have been interested in getting into the heart of yoga and meditation and would like to connect with others for ideas, support and accountability, according to Packham, Magie and Fisher, who spoke with The Park Record Wednesday.

"Forty days is about the time it takes for people to change their habits and the program has three separate components. — yoga, meditation and inquiry, where you ask yourself questions about where you are at this time of your life," Packham said.

The program is divided into weeklong themes that participants will ponder and practice at home.

"Week one is about presence and participants will do five minutes of meditation and 20 minutes of yoga every day as well as the personal inquiry," Packham said. "The second week is about vitality and you up the ante to 10 minutes of meditation and 30 minutes of yoga and inquiry.

"Week three is about equanimity and participants will do 15 minutes of meditation and 45 minutes of yoga and it goes on from there," she said. "The additional three themes are restoration, centering and triumph."

Participants will also be encouraged to keep a journal to keep track of the changes they go through, Packham said.

The weeks start in the studio every Monday with a group meeting, where participants discuss each theme.

"We don’t do any yoga, but, instead, meet and talk about some of the questions that you have asked yourself," Packham said. "We also talk about what everyone is experiencing, because, for most people, this will be the first time they have sat and tried to meditate and do yoga. There is also something about coming together as a community to share your experiences that enriches and broadens things for you in general."

Fisher agreed.

"The program’s excavating questions allow you to go back to your thoughts and beliefs that are somewhere in your subconscious and allows you to bring them up so you can examine them to see if they still are true for you," she said. "If not, then you have the opportunity to change them, which helps you go through the revolution process.

"We’re not really gurus or teachers that will tell the group what to feel and be," Fisher said. "We’re facilitating this unfolding process."

Selecting Baptiste’s program was a no-brainer because many of the Tadasana Yoga instructors — including Packham, Magie and Fisher — are Baptiste trained.

"Baron actually lives in Park City," Packham said.

Another advantage is that the program can be done anywhere, without interrupting participants’ lives.

"This program can be done when you’re right at home, instead of going to an exotic place for a retreat," Packham said. "While it may be easy to work on things when you’re outside your norm, what I love about this program is that you can do it within your normal life, carrying on. That means so much, because you can work it into your actual life and carry it forward."

Fisher also likes Baptiste’s book because it is an easy read.

"The chapters are only three or four pages, so, the concepts aren’t hard to grasp," she said. "That makes the program easy to embrace and you can immediately integrate it into your life."

Sometimes the changes can be radical, Packham said.

"There was a woman who participated in the program last year who lost 25 pounds in six weeks, just because she was shedding the weight of her grief and, what we call ‘issue in her tissue,’" she said. "She lost the weight without trying."

That said, there is a dietary awareness component in the workshop as well, according to Magie.

"It’s nothing strict to follow," she explained. "It’s just an increase in awareness of what you put in your mouth."

In addition to the weekly group sessions, Tadasana will offer two additional workshops that are included in the 40 Days program, but also available to nonparticipants for $25.

The first, Mindful Meditation, will be held on Wednesday, April 20, from 6 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.

Fisher will lead that workshop.

"I just finished my masters degree in transpersonal studies and we focused on mindful meditation and its history," she said. "One of my classes was called Becoming a Teacher of Meditation, and as part of that, I created this workshop to help people step into meditation.

"There is a lot of interest in mindful meditation," Fisher said. "It is an ancient practice and something we can now research and see the benefits of."

The second workshop, Nidra Restorative Yoga, will be held Wednesday, May 11.

"Libby Ludlow, one of our instructors here, will present this workshop," Fisher said. "These sessions are slower, restorative and highly relaxing."

Tadasana Yoga Studio will host the 40 Days to Personal Revolution workshop beginning on Monday, April 18. The cost is $175 and registration can be made by visiting hotyogaparkcity.com or by calling 435-649-7260.

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