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Temple Har Shalom will offer nondenominational pet blessings

Event includes photos and a hike

Temple Har Shalom’s Rabbi David Levinsky knows how much Park City residents love their pets.

So he offered a pet blessing last year.

“Pets are a large part of living here, so we thought that having a blessing on them and everything they bring into our lives would be a nice thing for us to do,” Levinsky told The Park Record. “Last year was the first time [The Temple] did something like this, and it was a success, so we’re doing it again.”

Free pet blessings will start at 4 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 27, at Temple Har Shalom, 3700 S. Brookside Court. Prior to that, there will be pet and owner mingling.

Deb DeKoff from Park City Photographers will be on hand to take pet and owner portraits at 3:15 p.m.

“Her appointments are filling up,” Levinsky said. “People can go to our website (harshalomparkcity.org) and sign up.”

The pet blessings are free and open to the public, Levinsky said.

“It is a nondenominational event,” he said. “Anyone of any faith or no faith is encouraged to come.”

The idea for the blessings is to introduce the synagogue to the public.

“We are always looking for creative ways to engage the larger Park City community, and not just our congregation,” Levinsky said. “The event is also a way for us to do something positive in the community.”

Nuzzles and Co., a local pet rescue nonprofit, will be on had to accept donations.
Some of the items Nuzzles and Co. need include cleaning supplies and animal toys.

“We have a wish list on our temple website, so people can go there and see what is needed,” Levinsky said.

A short and easy hike to the Willow Creek Dog Park on Old Ranch Road will follow the blessings.

“There is a beautiful trail that runs behind the temple,” Levinsky said. “It’s a flat path, so it’s not difficult.”

Last year’s pet blessing attracted more than 100 animals.

“Not all were dogs, even though this is Park City,” Levinsky said. “We had a few cats and a hamster.”

The most exotic was a lizard, a leopard gecko named Zippy.

“Unfortunately, Zippy has gone on into eternity and will not be making an appearance this year,” Levinsky said.

The Levinsky family pup, Angus, however, will attemd.

“He’s a rescue dog,” the Rabbi said. “He’s looking forward to being there.”

Free pet blessings will be held starting at 4 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 23, at Temple Har Shalom, 3700 N. Brookside Court. Pet and owner portraits will be taken beginning at 3:15 p.m. For information, visit http://www.harshalomparkcity.org.