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Teresa Eggertsen-Cooke nominated for Toronto music award

Parkite was one of six American artists selected

Park City singer and songwriter Teresa Eggertsen-Cooke was one of six artists from the United States who were nominated for the Best U.S.A. category of the 13th Toronto Independent Music Awards.
(Courtesy of Teresa Eggertsen-Cooke)

Park City singer and songwriter Teresa Eggertsen-Cooke has some fans in Canada.

Her song “Circle” was nominated for the U.S. category of the 13th Toronto Independent Music Awards that took place last Friday.

Eggertsen-Cooke was one of six artists from the United States who were nominated for the award, she said.

“There are hundreds of people so submit songs, and [the music awards] took all the genres of the music and picked six,” Eggertsen-Cooke told The Park Record. “I heard all of their songs and they were all very good.”

The U.S. category nominees were Eggertsen-Cooke, Amy Guess, Brown Kid, Almond and Olive, Patrick Joseph and The Fallen Stars.

“I didn’t expect to win, but the fact that I was nominated means that there is an independent music association in Canada that listens to my music,” Eggertsen-Cooke said. “And that’s awesome.”

“Circle” is the first song Eggertsen-Cooke ever wrote, and it appears on her 2016 album “Fooled Again.”

The album can be found on Amazon.com, iTunes and her website, teresaeggertsencooke.com.

“The song is about a life experience I had 20 years ago, and I was inspired to write the song after some shows I did in New York City,” she said. “One of the last shows I did there was with Road Recovery.”

Road Recovery is a New York nonprofit that helps people fight addiction with the aid of entertainment industry professionals who have confronted similar challenges, according to its mission statement.

Eggertsen-Cooke contacted Salt Lake City producer Joel Back of Rigby Road Studios to help with the song’s arrangement.

“This was my first song and I didn’t know how to put the song together,” Eggertsen-Cooke said. “He helped me with the arrangement and hook, which was important because the Toronto Independent Music Awards judge the music on playability, melody, the hook and the chorus.”

She submitted the song in the spring and received an email that said the song was going to be submitted to the jury, which was comprised of industry professionals and producers.

The jury was comprised of:

  • Dave Henry, festival coordinator of Canadian Music Week
  • Carole Pope, multi-platinum award winning recording artist
  • Andy Hawke, manager of artists and repertoire at ole, a rights management company
  • Hill Kourkoutis, musician and producer who has worked with Serena Ryder, The Weekend, Hill and the Sky Heroes)
  • Vikas Kohli, award-winning producer and film composer

Eggertsen-Cooke flew to Toronto on Thursday and spent the weekend in Canada’s largest city.

“The ceremony was fun and really cool and focused more on the Canadians, because that’s what it is,” she said. “In addition to the Best U.S.A. category, they also had a Best International category. The rest were Canadian categories.”

The awards were held in a small venue called Revival.

“It’s kind of like O.P. Rockwell in design,” Eggertsen-Cooke said. “It’s not much bigger. It may be a little wider, but there was no balcony.”

During the ceremony, Eggersten-Cooke had the chance to meet some other nominees from different genres.

“There were all so great,” she said. “I also met some younger songwriters — teenagers and children — because it was all ages.

The ceremony featured various performances by award winners.

“While the nominees weren’t really recognized, I would go again, because what if you win and you’re not there?” Eggertsen-Cooke said.

Although Eggertsen-Cooke didn’t win an award, she was so happy to have submitted the song.

“I’m on a bunch of different songwriter groups, and I know a lot of websites you can register with and they post submission announcements,” she said. “If it sounds good, I’ll put in a submission. I did this one because it was an independent music organization.”

Before and after the ceremony, Eggertsen-Cooke toured Toronto.

“I walked everywhere,” she said. “Toronto was fun. It’s very pretty and the city is growing. There was a ton of construction.”

After speaking to cab drivers, Eggertsen-Cooke found the city was very business oriented.

“It’s also very cosmopolitan and diverse, which was really cool,” she said. “There was a ton of young people.”

Teresa Eggertsen-Cooke can be seen in Park City at 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 27 and 28, at the Riverhorse on Main, 540 Main St. For information, visit her website.

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