The 2017 Filmmakers Showcase films |

The 2017 Filmmakers Showcase films

Arthur Veenema's short "Tomorrow's Shores" will be screened duringf the 12th annual Filmmakers Showcase that will be held Thursday, Nov. 9, at the Park City Library's Jim Santy Auditorium.
Courtesy of Arthur Veenema |

“Adventures of the Depressive Mind,” directed by Brian Higgins; SpyHop

“Caminatore,” directed by Angela Rosales Challis

“Celebrate,” Alex Boye Music Video, directed by Bryce Johnson

“Dream,” directed by Tommy Woods

“Eclipse,” directed by Andy Cier

“Home,” directed by Mia Li Cutler

“Homesteaders, Poor and Dry,” directed by Chris Simon

“A Kitchen Can Take You Back,” directed by Doug Fabrizio, produced by Elaine Clark, edited by Kelsie Moore

“Life Coach,” directed by Taylor Rees and Renan Ozturk

“Serving Time,” directed by Doug Fabrizio, edited by Kelsie Moore

“States of America: Utah,” directed by Brad Barber

“The Courier,” directed by Gregory Alexander Foltynowicz, produced by Paul Tan

“The Crown Traverse,” directed by Matthew Irving

“The Fallout,” Robyn Cage Music Video, directed by Bryce Johnson

“The Rise,” directed by Bennett Barbosa

“To Close A Monastery,” directed by Doug Fabrizio, Produced by Elaine Clark, Ed. Kelsie Moore

“Tomorrow’s Shores,” directed by Arthur Veenema

“Winter Wonderland,” directed by Daniel Riley

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