The lineup for the Eighth Annual Filmmakers Showcase |

The lineup for the Eighth Annual Filmmakers Showcase

Submitted by Jill Orschel

Jill Orschel said curating the annual Filmmakers Showcase is her calling in life. (Photo by Nan Chalat Noaker/Park Record)

All names are directors unless otherwise noted.

"PCFS Go Digital or Go Dark winner," Quinn Graves and Max Fortney

"Tribute to Edweard Muybridge," Hunter Metcalf

"09456," Ally Ioannides, actor

"Two Roommates One Banana," Arthur Veenema, writer and director

"You Are What You Eat," Andrew Robinson

Recommended Stories For You

"Continental Divide Time Lapse" Shay Blackley

"Provide," Daniel Riley, cinematographer and editor

"Bobby," Adam Herr

"In My Heart (You Have a Home)," Mark Granger, singer and songwriter

"The Unnatural," Andy Cier, writer and director, Jim Fleming at Roy Hobbs

"Acres Concert with Live Choir," Tanya Taylor and live singers

"South Sudan Eye Camp," Patrick Reddish, director and cinematographer

"The Madeleine Choir School," Michael Kearns and Ari Ioannides

"Dancer," Paisley Bothe, director, and Maddy Wood, performer

"Him," Carla Boecklin, director, and Bryce Johnson, director, cinematographer and editor, and Laura Johnson

"Bumps in the Road," Douglas Emerson and Sawyer Tibbets

"Super Car," Cole Sax, director and editor, and Daniel Riley, cinematographer

"A Mom’s Story," Julie Shipman, photographer

"Something Amazing," Mia Moyano, director, and featuring Sharon Starika

"Passion Project," Hunter Metcalf

"Cupid," Nathan Vineyard

"The Way We Roll," Brendan Mooney