Video shoot blossomed at the No Name Saloon

Rich Wyman, right, plays piano accompaniment with the ensemble during the recording of he and Lisa Needham's music video on Tuesday, November 28, 2017. Any patrons of the Saloon during the time of filming were invited to be part of the video. (Tanzi Propst/Park Record)
Tanzi Propst |

A new kind of crowd threw a party the Tuesday after Thanksgiving at the No Name Saloon.

Instead of the rowdy whiskey shooting, beer swigging types, this group came in with film cameras, sound equipment, a full band and a lot of attitude.

The ringleaders were husband and wife team Rich Wyman and Lisa Needham, who took over the bar to film their new video “Soul Like a Flower,” one of the singles from their new album “The Fearlessness.”

Wyman — a winner of the ASCAP Award, a music-publishing accolade — dreamed of shooting “Soul Like a Flower” at the No Name because of the venue’s festive aura.

“We want to release four or five singles with a video every few weeks…” Lisa Needham,singer

“The song is like a New Orleans dance tune, so it would’ve been perfect to film it there,” Wyman said.

As Lady Luck would have it, No Name’s principal owner Jesse Shetler, greenlit the shoot.

“Jesse and his staff were awesome,” Wyman said. “I want to thank them so much.”

It also helped that Wyman and Needham shot the video with cinematographer and producer Erik Hutchins during the bar’s downtime, around 3 p.m.

Hutchins, who is the producer of UTopia, a local TV series that focuses on environmental issues in Utah, has shot other videos for Wyman, and has also worked with Steven Spielberg and jean-Michel Cousteau.

“Erik is a dear friend of ours, and when we played him our new album, he jumped on ‘Soul Like a Flower,’” Wyman said.

Although Needham has appeared in a couple of her husband past videos, “Soul Like a Flower” is the first one that focuses on her.

“It was great,” Needham said. “I really enjoyed the acting part of it.”

“Lisa worked hard to make sure she knew where she was going to be and what she was going to do,” Wyman said. “She blew everyone away.”

The “Soul Like a Flower” video starts with Wyman and Needham kissing goodbye and then switches its focus on Needham.

“Erik shot Lisa singing the whole first verse in one fluid shot,” Wyman said. “And he did the same thing with the second verse.”

The video included nearly 40 local extras.

“We tried to get a colorful crowd for the video to work,” Wyman said. “Everyone dressed in more muted colors at the beginning of the song, and then after a saxophone solo, we go back to the crowd who is following Lisa and everyone is dressed in brighter colors.”

Wyman and Needham recruited Katrina Kmak for the sax solo segment.

Kmak, who not only sings with the Park City Treble Makers, but also performs with the Park City Follies and is the youth and Spanish services librarian at the Park City Library, was the perfect saxophonist, Needham said.

“We talk about lip syncing, well, she sax synced, and nailed every note,” Needham said. “She had played the sax for two years in seventh and eighth grade, so she was familiar with the instrument.”

The Utah Conservatory provided the saxophone, Wyman said.

“Katrina took it home for a couple of days and listened to the song over and over again,” he said. “When she came back for the video shoot, she was ready and nailed it.”

The whole shoot took about an hour, Wyman said.

“It was funny because Erik did a few takes and then it was all over,” he said.

The video will premiere in early January, and it will serve as one of the primers for the album’s release.

“We want to release four or five singles with a video every few weeks,” Needham said. “After the fifth or sixth song, we’ll release the album.”

“The Fearlessness” will be released as an MP3, a CD and on vinyl, Wyman said.

“We recorded the album in New York last January,” he said. “We recorded 12 and put 11 on the CD. But when it came to making a vinyl album, we had to cut one more song, which was sad and hard because we liked the songs.”

The duo is already thinking of the next video.

“We are starting to reach out to people to help,” Needham said.

For information about Rich Wyman and Lisa Needham’s duo Rich and Lisa, visit

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