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Wastcoat and Garbett reveal ‘Shamanic Wisdom’ in a new book

While Sir Isaac Newton and Rene Descartes believed the all things were separate — mind and body, heart and soul, head and heart — shamans believe everything is connected they feel their role in the community is to bring the balance back and heal such divides.

That’s what Park City resident Nancy Wastcoat and Michael J. Garbett, founders of corporateshamanllc.com, wants people to learn.

They started the company in 2002 to work with individuals and organizations to rebalance energy.

To do so more deeply, Wastcoat and Garbett recently published a new book, “Shamanic Wisdom for a Shifting World.”

The book is filled with lessons Wastcoat and Garbett have learned about shamanism over the past two decades.

“I have been studying shaman for 20 years and there are many people who aren’t familiar with shamanism,” Wastcoat said during an interview with The Park Record. “So the book answers a list of basic questions.”

The basic questions are:

  • Who are the wisdom keepers?
  • What is shamanism?
  • Who are shamans?
  • What roles do shamans play?
  • Why is shamanic wisdom important today?
  • What’s a shaman’s cosmology?
  • How do we apply it to healing, reality and involving consciousness?
  • How does it compare with religion and spirituality?
  • How do we use it in our modern world?

    To find the answer, Wastcoat and Garbett interviewed three shamans, one in Utah, one in Southern California and one in Peru.

    These interviews, Wastcoat said, were supposed to be included in a documentary film.

    “I can’t remember how many years ago, but there was a reporter on KPCW who did interviews about life coaching,” she said. “He asked me to come down to talk and asked me about shamanic wisdom and asked me to consult with him and his brother, who were filmmakers.”

    The brothers asked Wastcoat, who is also an entrepreneur, to help start up their filmmaking business.

    “When it was all done, they asked how they could repay me,” she said. “Since shamans believe in reciprocity as their core ethic, I said I would love to spread the word about our work with shamans and let people know how we can apply that to our lives in the Western Culture.”

    The brothers said they would film a documentary and gathered 43 hours of footage.

    “Then they just disappeared,” Wastcoat said.

    Luckily, she and Garbett had the film’s transcripts.

    “We looked at the similarities of the things these three shamans talked about and put them together,” she said. “But not being publishers, we let the book sit around for awhile, before a woman who helped us set up our website asked us about it. We sent it to her and within a week she had the book put together.”

    Shamanism and the mystic realm have fascinated Wastcoat since she was a child.

    “I have always been drawn to the beyond and in school studied different religions, philosophies and majored in pre-med,” she said. “I really wanted to be part of the healing of what I considered the imbalances of the world — not just physical imbalances, but cultural imbalances as well.”

    Wastcoat also got into quantum physics.

    “Then, through a practice called neuralistic programming, [I] was introduced to a shaman, or wisdom keeper, southwest of Price 20 years ago,” she said.

    That’s when she realized shamans and quantum physicists see the world as an entity made of energy.

    “That means, to them, everything is inextricably connected,” Wastcoat said. “So, there is a constant dynamic movement of energy from the manifested to the unmanifested.

    “If we have clear intention and focused attention, and our beliefs and feelings say this can happen, the energy can flow between those and we create our realities,” she said. “If we doubt, compare, compete, procrastinate or judge others, we create a barrier, so the energy can’t flow.”

    This is where reciprocity comes in, Wastcoat said.

    “Shamans believe that if someone does something for another, the other person needs to do something for that someone,” she said. “That’s how the community grows.”

    “So, I believe the purpose of the book is to help people become aware of their internal power,” Wastcoat said. “When they are aligned, they are unstoppable.”

    Nancy Wastcoat and Michael J. Garbett’s “Shamanic Wisdom for a Shifting World.”
    is available for checkout at the Park City Library, and for purchase at Lulu.com and directly from Wastcoat by emailing nancy@wiseguides.com. The book also will be available soon at Dolly’s Bookstore. For more information, visit http://www.corporateshamanllc.com

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