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Whole Foods art competition is in the bag for Cheech Minniear

Designer is alumni of Young Artists Academy

Parkite Cheech Minniear, a Young Artist Academy alumni, was surprised to get a call from Whole Foods announcing her art won the Whole Foods bag competition. Photo courtesy of Cheech Minniear)

When Whole Foods Market opens its new Park City store at 6598 N. Landmark Drive. This Wednesday, Oct. 18, it will also introduce an up and coming local artist named Cheech Minniear.

The artist designed the art that is featured on Whole Foods limited edition canvas bags that will be used opening day and the days following as long as supplies last.

“It was awesome to get the phone call telling me my art was selected,” Minniear told The Park Record. “It was also awesome to contribute something to Park City, a place that I love so much.”

The artist, who graduated from Miami University in Ohio last May said being able to expose her art to the public is a dream come true.

“It’s great to start getting my name out and establishing myself as a designer,” she said.

Minniear submitted the image last summer when Whole Foods announced an art contest.

“One of my friend’s moms sent me an article about the competition and said it would be perfect for me,” Minniear said. “So I looked into it and it sounded great.”

Minniear incorporated local icons in her digital art.

Cheech Minniear created a digital depiction of Park City, which will grace Whole Foods’ limited edition reusable canvas bags to celebrate Oct. 18 grand opening of the new store located at 6598 N. Landmark Drive. Photo courtesy of Cheech Minniear.

“Since I’m a graphic designer, I decided to utilize that to do a design that encapsulates everything that is great about Park City,” she said. “It’s a collage of Park City icons. I put in the [McPolin] Barn. There’s a ski jump from the Utah Olympic Park and some different buildings on Main Street. There is even the Whole Foods store.”

Minniear, a Kimball Art Center Young Artists Academy alumni, used Adobe Illustrator and drew simplified cartoon versions of the buildings and put them on the bag.

“It probably doesn’t sound as cool as I think it looks,” she said with a laugh.

When she submitted her art work, Minniear was able to see the other submissions.

“I would say there were about 50 different submissions, and some people submitted more than one,” she said.

Minniear was born in Park City and spent 19 years of her life here.

“When I started [college] my parents were over the cold and moved to Florida to be closer to my mom’s parents,” she said. “I moved back after I finished school so I could be back in the mountains.”

Art was something Minniear always had an interest in, and was happy to do something for herself for the competition.

“It’s is something that I have a passion about,” she said. “In design, you have to make things that are by you, but not for you. So, it’s cool when you get this kind of project where you can put yourself into it.”