Wild Women Tribe gathers for an equinox retreat

Facilitators are all professional local women

Wild Women Tribe Autumn Equinox Retreat

Wild Women Tribe, a community group that was started to connect like-minded women through transformational experiences in the outdoors, will participate in a five-day Autumn Equinox retreat from Sept 6-10 at a horse ranch in Oakley. The event will feature a collective of local female coaches and facilitators who will help attendees connect with themselves through a balance of esoteric and grounded experiences.
Courtesy of Renee Huang

Throughout the summer Wild Women Tribe has hosted a handful of workshops and retreats to help entrepreneurial female spirits share growth, brainstorm and connect with others in the outdoors.

The summer will culminate with a five-day Autumn Equinox retreat from Sept 6-10, at a horse ranch in Oakley, that will feature a collective of all local female coaches and facilitators, according to founder Renee Huang.

The theme of the retreat is “Inward, Insight and Wisdom,” and it’s designed to help attendees connect with themselves through a balance of esoteric and grounded experiences, Huang said. 

“I think for someone who is going through a life transition, or looking for a reset and not quite sure what her next step will be, this will be such an accessible experience,” she said. 

I think these retreats can help women know that it’s OK to take the masks down.” Renee Huang, Wild Women Tribe founder

The list of coaches is as follows: 

  • Dannielle Bryan, owner of Shamanic Twist, an Oakley-based wellness center and studio
  • Alejandra Lara, a national recognized equine therapist and owner of Park City Horse Experience, a facility where people can find mindfulness and connection through equine programs
  • Sofia Mileti, yoga teacher, holistic chef and Mountain Town Music wellness facilitator

The thing that sets these women apart from other Wild Women Tribe retreat facilitators is that these three are local residents, Huang said.

“We usually fly facilitators in from other locations outside of Park City and the state, and we match the particular themes of our retreats with them,” she said. “This retreat, however, was born out of the synergy between some amazing local facilitators we have here. We are so lucky to have this wealth of dynamic women leaders in our community, and it kind of fell into our proverbial lap.”

The three will bring their different skill sets and passions as small-business owners to each session over the five days and four nights, Huang said.

“You have the yoga, which people know, love and understand, and Sofia is super adept in what is called a Foundation Movement,” he said. “She’s one of only a handful of trainers who are certified in this modality.”

Lara radiates compassion and kindness, Huang said.

“Alejandra has a deep desire to help people access their own healing through horses that are so magnetic and mysterious,” she said. “She has a way to do that without much effort.”

Bryan’s modality of shamanic practices are also accessible and “down to Earth,” Huang said.

“Dannielle makes things so practical, and she has the ability to help someone translate something that may be a little intimidating … in a way where the person feels like they can do it,” she said. 

Some of these women have not worked together before, Huang said.

“So there was a general excitement in the air to create this particular magic together,” she said. “We are so lucky to have this wealth of experienced knowledge right here in our backyard.”

Huang will also facilitate a workshop.

“My background is in writing, and I’ve developed a core-workshop series based around the written and spoken word,” she said. “It’s about rewriting our stories and learning how to harness the power of words into the thoughts and belief patterns that we perpetuate.”

The retreat will start with an opening ceremony on Wednesday, where participants will meet the facilitators, Huang said.

“We will go over the experience together, and then we’ll do the sessions Thursday, Friday and Saturday from dawn to dusk,” she said. 

The retreat’s lodging will be at a five-bedroom modern guest house at Saddleview Ranch in Oakley, Huang said.

“We’ll have shared accommodations and some private rooms are available, and camping onsite is also available with full use of the home and its amenities,” she said.

Since the retreat takes place only 20 minutes from Park City, attendees can either stay at the ranch or their own homes, Huang said.

“We will have select day passes for local residents, and the day passes allow women to attend the entire retreat — all activities, workshops, meals — and still return to the comforts of home each night,” she said. “If someone wants to bring their trailer or RV, there’s still room for those as well.”

The Autumn Equinox retreat is an event that Huang has tossed around in her mind for quite a while.

“The Wild Women Tribe is a community group that I started to connect like-minded women through transformational experiences in the outdoors, and I think we’ve all been through quite a lot during these past few years,” she said. “I think that’s cracked people open to receive new communities and skill sets, while being super vulnerable.”

Huang feels vulnerability has become a buzzword over the past couple of years. 

“It’s now kind of seen as a sort of super power, where you can actually look at yourself with the realness that says, ‘I could use some outside help and support,'” she said. “I think these retreats can help women know that it’s OK to take the masks down in a safe place and know that they are relatable and lovable.”


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