Wine-label art that reflects ‘Spirit of Park City’ sought |

Wine-label art that reflects ‘Spirit of Park City’ sought

(Tanzi Propst/Park Record)
Tanzi Propst |

The Kimball Art Center and Old Town Cellars are on a mission to find art that represents Park City.

Nancy Stoaks, Kimball Art Center exhibitions director, said the two organizations are asking local artists ages 21 and older to submit artwork that will be turned into one of Old Town Cellars’ wine labels.

The theme is “The Soul of Park City” and the final label size will be 4.75 inches by 2.25 inches.

“The artist can create work in any medium — painting, drawing, photography or digital work,” Stoaks told The Park Record. “The final product they need to submit to us is a digital file of the work so we can create the label.”

“We are also going to offer a percentage of each bottle sold to the winning artist’s favorite charity or nonprofit…”Stephen MacKay,co-founder ofOld Town Cellars

Submissions, which need to be at least 350 dots per inch in resolution or higher,can be made through the Kimball Art Center website at

“All the submission details and submission forms can be found there,” Stoaks said. “An artist can submit up to three images.”

The art, which should be done in earth tones and feature an industrial aesthetic, must be submitted by Sunday, Dec. 10.

The overall winner will receive $500 and have their work displayed on a brand of an Old Town Cellars wine label, and the second and third place winners will receive $100 each, Stoaks said.

Stephen MacKay, who co founded Old Town Cellars in the spring of 2016 with Jason Morgan, said a large portion of the wine sales will be given back to the Kimball Art Center.

“We are also going to offer a percentage of each bottle sold to the winning artist’s favorite charity or nonprofit,” he said.

MacKay said partnering with the Kimball Art Center for the competition was a natural fit.

“Both Jason and I grew up here, and the Kimball Art Center has been a large part of our community for decades,” MacKay said. “We thought it was important to collaborate because this town is so focused on athletics, and we felt the arts community sometimes gets thrown by the wayside a bit.”

The partnership stemmed from several wine and art events the Kimball Art Center presents at Old Town Cellars, Stoaks said.

“We had a couple of classes this fall and they’ve all been really successful,” she said. “It’s fun to hold these in an environment like Old Town Cellars where people can relax, enjoy a glass of fantastic wine and have a great artistic experience.”

MacKay and Morgan approached the Kimball Art Center with the idea for a label competition.

“Artists in this town struggle, and we wanted to give an artist an opportunity to express what the soul of Park City is on a wine label,” MacKay said. “We wanted to do a partnership that would build up the community.”

Partnership discussions began last winter and were finalized this past summer.

“I think this is a fantastic opportunity for us as well because of the exposure and branding,” MacKay said.

He also said the winning art will decide the type of wine that will sport the label.

“We want to see the art before we put a certain color cap on it to make sure the whole package and presentation is there,” MacKay said.

Art on wine labels is a long-standing tradition in the business.

“A lot of prestigious wineries around the world produce an art series,” MacKay said. “Chateau Mouton Rothschild has been doing art on their labels for generations. Leeuwin Estate has an art series and Darioush has one as well. While we’re not at their levels, we thought why not do this? It’s fun and we get in touch with different parts of the community.”

Stoaks said Old Town Cellars is a great addition to Park City.

“Just like the Kimball Art Center, Old Town Cellars is very much of and for this community,” she said. “The Kimball Art Center loves to collaborate with other organizations and small businesses in our community because those partnerships brings people together.”

For information or to submit art for the Kimball Art Center and Old Town Cellars label competition, visit

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