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Women’s Giving Fund grant applications are now available

In 2014, the Park City Community Foundation established the Women’s Giving Fund, a permanent endowment to support high-impact programs for women and children in Summit County.

The foundation raised more than $1.2 million from 1,200 women and girls who donated $1,000.

The goal was to generate enough in earnings to distribute as much as $50,000 per year in grants, according to Ollie Wilder, programs manager for the Park City Community Foundation.

"These are grants that can help an organization get a new project off the ground," Wilder told The Park Record. "We’re looking at grants between $25,000 and $30,000. The amount given out will be determined by our board of directors and based on the outlook of the investments results."

A new round of Women’s Giving Fund grant applications is available now and due on Feb. 12. Grants will be given to programs or projects that benefit women and/or children in Summit County, according to Wilder.

Applications can be obtained and submitted by visiting http://www.parkcitycf.org and the specific amount of the grant will be determined in March.

"I want to be clear that proposals don’t have to be for a completely new organization," he said. "But we do look for programs that meet an urgent need or are responses for timely opportunities that can benefit women and children."

So, the Foundation will look closely at the applications to see if the project is high-impact and not only make a difference, but will also bring solutions to the needs of the community.

"We also look at the organization who applied for the grant to see if they have the background to do what they want with the grant," Wilder said. "We will determine if they have a good track record and if what they propose makes sense in terms of the applying organization."

Finally, the Park City Community Foundation will look beyond the terms of the grant to see if, once the grant runs out, the organization has long-term plans.

"Organizations may need a grant to fulfill a one-time need or it will require a grant to help it get started and will be able to sustain itself beyond whatever it is the grant funds," Wilder said. "That’s OK because the grant would help make the impact the organization wanted."

Last year the grant was awarded to PC Tots, a new local non-profit aimed at providing affordable and high-quality childcare for Park City’s working parents.

"PC Tots was interesting because it was just an idea for a need that has been bubbling up in the community for some time," Wilder said. "Two organizations — Mountainlands Community Housing Trust and Holy Cross Ministries — came together and between them were able to foster the launch of PC Tots."

PC Tots announced it has submitted its application for state licensing and, if all goes well, the daycare service will open by the end of February, The Park Record reported earlier this week.

"PC Tots has become its own 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, based on the ‘go-ahead’ they got from the Women’s Giving Fund grant they received last summer," Wilder said. "That’s exciting for us."

The Women’s Giving Fund is one of many grant programs offered by the Park City Community Foundation, Wilder said.

"We also have the Community Fund grants that will open up in the end of March, with applications due in May," he said. "We also have a small-grants program that gives out $1,000 or less.

"Beyond that we offer nonprofit education and are the coordinators and founders of Live PC Give PC, and do all we can to connect nonprofits with each other, potential donors and other folks in the community," Wilder said. "The cool thing about the Women’s Giving Fund is that it connects a lot of women and girls with good that can be done in the community. They have a direct link to the good things that are happening. I think this is something that everyone can be proud of."

For more information about the Women’s Giving Fund and other grant applications, visit http://www.parkcitycf.org .

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