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Letters, June 18-21: PCMR neighbors now own the mess

Letters to the editor

Vail Resorts needs to show some contrition

I can understand why Deirdra Walsh (the new VP and COO of Park City Mountain Resort) is upset that the planning commission rejected Vail’s plans to replace Eagle, Eaglet and Silverlode with higher capacity lifts. However, she (and the Vail Resorts executive team and shareholders) need to recognize that our town has planning rules that were set up for a reason.

It appears that Vail (or its consultants) have manipulated calculations in order to justify these lift upgrades within existing planning rules, and I’m guessing that they expected nobody would notice. Fortunately folks on the planning commission did take notice.

Vail Resorts has behaved with such bad faith towards our town for several years now. They need to earn some goodwill back (rather than treating us as a bunch of idiots) before we should offer them the goodwill of breaching or changing planning rules to enable further development at our towns cost.

I wish Deidra Walsh the best in her new role – many folks I know hold her in the highest regard. However she cannot continue the playbook that the former COO followed; the mushroom playbook: “Keep them in the dark, and cover them in cr*p”.

The traffic and crowding in our town has been worse almost every day in the past ski seasons than it had been on all but the most busy days in prior seasons. The crowding on the Park City Mountain ski resort has been worse – almost every day – than I have ever seen before.

I support the planning commission’s decision to reject Vail’s lift upgrade plans even though I would love to have those lifts upgraded.

Enough is enough.

Jeremy Buzzard

Thaynes Canyon

PCMR neighbors now own the mess

Thanks to some busybodies in our community who think meddling in a private company’s internal business affairs is somehow their business, PCMR will be unable to upgrade Silverlode and Eagle lifts this year. Since these people are so concerned about PCMRs business practices, they should have to deal with the fallout of their nosy ways. To accomplish this, I propose that PCMR forward all complaints from guests regarding overcrowding to these busybodies and let them explain why lines getting out of the base and lines at Silverlode are so long. It’s only fair that if these entitled community members feel they should have a say in how PCMR operates, that they should have to explain the consequences of their actions to those that are truly affected by their short-sighted decisions.

Micah Kagan


Newcomers need a bit of trail 101

First of all, welcome to all you newcomers that love to bike and hike. Hope you are enjoying our trail system as much as us long time Park City residents.

If you are a biker/hiker/trail walker enjoying our numerous trails, this letter is for you.

I am a 44 year resident that bikes and hikes everywhere, so I think you newcomers need a bit of trail 101. (I say this because the past few weeks being out there, I have encountered numerous “close calls” that should have been easily avoided). So with neighborly kindness, here is a short course. Not too hard. There will not be a test.

1 – Please ride/walk on right side of trail. (Just like driving)

2 – If you are riding/walking “side by side”, please form a single line if someone is approaching or needs to pass from behind.

3 – If you are approaching another biker/walker from behind, its polite to yell out “on your right” or “on your left”. You can also ring your bell.

4 – If you see someone walking with their dog, slow down a little (some doggies are afraid of bikes)

5 – Uphill bikers/hikers have the “right of way”. Get the heck out of the way! (too much?)

We all love our trails. Let’s watch out for each other.

Penny Sowul

Park City

PCMR tried to do the right thing

Hey Park City, PCMR, Vail or Whomever…… Thank you for trying to do the “Right Thing” and make some simple improvements to the skiing/riding experience by upgrading a couple of lifts. Sorry, to those of you who are “offended” because the lift is going to be too close to your home/condo that is walking distance to the slopes. Is it your Rental or Primary residence? Parking and Traffic: Completely, Totally and Separate Issues……… PCMR has announced plans for paid parking this coming season to encourage carpooling. Works for me and I will give it some thought the next time I head to Park City. Snowbird, Solitude and others have implemented Paid Parking, why not PCMR? Who is first In-line and Online to complain about “Paid Parking” at PCMR you might ask? “Locals” who meet at 10:00am for coffee and skiing for two hours. 4, 6, 8+ “Locals”, most of them driving their own cars (may I suggest you ride the bus or carpool) and they want to be “Guaranteed” parking and even better, they want it “FREE”. Because they are “Locals” I have a suggestion “Tongue in Cheek” but worth throwing out there. PCMR/Vail/Park City Ski Resort, etc: Announce plans to not open, nor operate the ski resort for the 2022/23 ski season and shut down completely. You might get a few hundred folks who would love that. On the other hand, the vast majority of us would ask you to not do such and continue trying to work with the community (like you are) and make “The Experience” – Better for All.

Rich Ford


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